Jessica and Isaak

How We Met: We have an interesting story! Originally, I laid eyes on Him for the very first time on December 2012 @ our home church. I was new at the time; the Pastor, at the end of the service asked some guys (including him) to come up to introduce their company and pray for them. The moment I saw him, I knew there was something in him & I couldn’t wait to see him again. After that, somehow I would always miss Him. I came to find out the reason why I could never get a hold of Him, was due to as a Sound Technician you have to shut everything down and by the time He did that, everyone including myself was gone.

It wasn’t till mid-January, that I finally approached Him & introduced myself. To my surprise, He blew me off. My ego was hurt & made it a challenge. How dare Him! I said to myself. So, I looked him up on Facebook & sent Him a friend request. He took his sweet time & finally approved me on February 5th 2013. After that, we had long conversations, over the phone & would only say Hi – Bye at church.

It wasn’t till on February 14th 2013 when we had our first date @ a Starbucks, that I realize “WOW, what a great guy”. Not one minute on those 4 hours went by without us having something to talk about. It was just perfect. Between the looks, laughs & movie quoting that I realize going after Him was worth it. On February 23rd 2013 He asked me to be His Girlfriend & with a kiss I agreed.

how they asked: On Friday June 13th 2014, we assisted one of my best friend’s wedding. I ended up catching the bouquet & He caught the garter. What are the odds of that? It just wasn’t luck! It was truly meant to be.

Now, 2 years 6 months after agreeing to be by His side, sharing laughs & magical moments, He takes me to the same Starbucks where we had our first date, our family’s waiting with the excuse of planning a campaign trip, orders our favorite drinks and manages to write a special question.

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Next thing I know, He is on His way towards me with this look in His eyes, turns the cup around, hands it over to me, gets on one knee and asks “Will you marry me?” I am in absolute shock & manage to respond “Yes!”

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Pursuit of happiness is choice. I am glad I decided to go for it without thinking twice.