Jessica and Honorato

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How We Met

It was about 6 years ago we met while working at In-N-Out Burger, we did not get along right off the bat, I was that annoying employee and he was that almost jerk manager. We would make fun of each other a lot. I left In-N-Out to go work at an office, since we were never friends it didn’t affect us. It was about 3 years of me no longer working at In-N-Out burger where he contacted me over Facebook which from now is about one year ago. He messaged me saying “I didn’t know you were a mom congratulations”. I stared at the message confused because I am not a mom nor am I married and then realized because my profile picture was a picture of me and my nephew that he was mistaken. I cleared that up quickly, he then asked me if I would be able to babysit his dogs, I laughed thinking he was joking, but that’s really what he wanted me to do. I declined his offer and he asked if I was available for lunch, I did find it odd so I text a cousin to see what she would say if I should or shouldn’t go.

She said to say yes but because of my job it had to be dinner. Nervously waiting 2 days for dinner it was finally the day. I arrived at his house confused because we were never friends and now we are “catching up”, we got into his car an drove to dinner. All throughout dinner we laughed and talked, our conversation was intimate. Definitely not what you would talk about with a “stranger”. All I could think about was how comfortable I felt, which was odd and new for me. After dinner we made our way to grab a drink both of us were not ready to end the night. While we drank our beverages he went in and reached for my hand, I sat there confused because I thought it wasn’t a date. We walked around for about 30 mins hand in hand. I was so nervous I couldn’t help but smile. We headed back to his house sat in his car for an hour listening and singing to music. We ended the night with a kiss and he asked me on our first official date, all I could think was “wait this wasn’t a date!?”. I did say yes to him and all I could say is that I am happy I agreed to meeting up with him! It was 10 short months later that he asked me to marry him! This photo is the first photo I took of us as a couple ❤

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how they asked

Leading up to the proposal which was a complete surprise, I was told that my brother was having his documentary recognized by the school and he wanted the family to go. I was so excited for him because he said it was going to be shown at The Frida Theater in Downtown Santa Ana at 2pm. My sister had called me the day before wanting to have a girls brunch, including my 2 sister in laws and my mom, my dad joined us for and early brunch, and it was time to head over to the theater, as we arrived I asked my brother if anyone else was coming he said they were setting up. I didn’t think much of anything because Honor had decided to work last minute that day. We entered the theater and my sister had me sit next to her kids on the aisle seat so that they would not be able to get up and walk around.

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The theater became dark and trailers started to play. I was surprised because I had seen my brothers documentary before. The movie started and the Elvis Presley song that I sing to Honor came on along with a narrator. As I listened to that I began to realize that Honor had said those same words to me when we had just begun dating. My family was not reacting so I tried not to think that it could possibly be a proposal. I wasn’t until I realized that all the scenes were places that we go to a lot together. The moment when he walked into the theater I was so nervous I didn’t know what to say and what came out was “you said you were working”.

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I will always remember this special day for me, I never imagined being able to love someone as much as I love him! Or anyone loving me the way he loves me. And I am glad that it was caught on video!

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