Jessica and Hermilo

How We Met

We met at a mutual friend’s bday party . We started talking about the adventures and travels we wanted to do… Once we got together we started traveling the world.

how they asked

He took my parents out for dinner, about a month before proposing. My family and his helped him plan out the perfect moment . We went on a carriage ride and he blind folded me as he took me to our special proposal. He brought our friends, even his brother as mariachis and he sang to me. I melted, I cried so much you couldn’t even understand my yes!


Our Video

I feel blessed to have had an amazing Valentine's Day with my love! ❤️💍🎤 thank you to my friends and family for making this possible! Hope you enjoy the video. 🙈 lol #proposal

Posted by Hermilo Solano on Monday, February 15, 2016

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Special Thanks

David Solano | 
Helped with the music
Daniela Diaz | 
Helped with decorations and planning