Jessica and Grayson

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How We Met

Grayson and I went to high school together, he asked me out in Grade 10 and since then it has been awesome! We dated for 5 years, he is the apple of my eye, my ride or die, my super guy!!

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how they asked

grayson started planning this a long time ago, he k. He made it very special for me, Grayson went to white rock the day before to meet our photographer and plan out exactly where he would drop the knee to me! On May 6th we went to white rock to grab dinner, he suggested a walk before dinner so we were walking along when he stopped to say he wanted to read the sign that said “no diving” I thought sort of strange but oh well, then all of a sudden he’s on one knee asking me to marry him!

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Special Thanks

Esther Moerman
 | Photographer