Jessica and Grant

How We Met

Grant and I met on in March 2013. I had done a 3 month trial, but didn’t find who I was looking for. I assumed it would automatically cancel at the end of the 3 months but instead it signed me up for another 3 month membership. I wasn’t interested in going on anymore dates, but then I received a wink from Grant. We exchanged messages, spoke on the phone, and found out we had that same career but with competing companies. We had our first date and stayed at the restaurant for over 3 hours talking. We continued to set dates, and saw each other every other day for our first month of dating. We went to comedy shows, baseball games, and started meeting each other’s friends. We bonded over our faith, careers, and the desire to share a life with someone and eventually start a family. He constantly makes me laugh and is the best thing that ever happened to me. Image 1 of Jessica and Grant

how they asked

Grant told me we had his company holiday party at the Phoenician. When we got there very early he told me he wanted to show me a special area. We walked over to waterfalls and there he told me there was no holiday party. He got down on one knee, and proposed. After I said yes I looked up and saw a photographer. Grant had hired someone to capture the moment and then take photos of us all over the resort. I was in shock and about 30 minutes into taking photos it all hit me we were engaged and I started hysterically crying under the trees where we were taking pictures. After photos we went into the restaurant where I was surprised to see his family, and mine, including my sister brother in law and their 7 month twins who made the trip from Denver.

Image 2 of Jessica and Grant