Jessica and Graham

How We Met

Graham and I actually grew up together! His parents owned a small business in our hometown of Auburn, AL, and my mother started working for them before I was born. My mother-in-law to be actually held me in the hospital as a newborn! Graham and I stayed friends our whole lives, from playing house as little kids to now as almost-spouses. Graham was my very first crush as a little girl, and will be my last! We didn’t actually start dating until more recent years though. He’s 5 years older than me so it was until our 20s that love was kindled.

how they asked

So I had been hoping for the proposal for a while, and I would get excited every time we went on a date, but when it kept not happening (lol), I kind of gave up getting that nervous excitement every time. One week Graham told me it’d been a while since we’ve had a fancy date and he wanted to take me out that Friday. I got a little suspicious but thought there was no way it would happen. Well that Friday he picked out a gorgeous dress for me to wear and took me to Gian Marco’s (an AMAZING 5 star restaurant in Birmingham). After dinner he told me he wanted to go out for some drinks but wanted to stop at a mountaintop overlook on the way there. So we pull up to this gorgeous spot on top of the mountain where you can see the whole city of Birmingham lit up below. We were standing there admiring and chatting when he pulled me close and told me that this was his favorite city and I was his favorite person in the he world and told me that he couldn’t be any happier, then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!! It was perfect for us, and of course made me cry happy tears!

Special Thanks