Jessica and Garrett's Marriage Proposal with a Baby Monkey

How We Met: Garrett and I met on November 1st, 2012 and our connection was instant. We had mutual friends and shared similar interests (being avid Boston sports fans was one of them!)

He asked me out on a date and took me to an Italian restaurant where there was a live band and a lady singing classic, romantic music. It was a perfect evening with great conversation and he was such a gentleman. I was smitten and loved being in his company.

In the days that followed, we enjoyed countless nights of pillow talk, discussing any and every thing under the sun. Garrett’s sense of humor always catches me off guard and keeps me laughing. We soon became best friends and shortly after, fell in love.


how they asked: One month ago, I planned a date for Garrett and I to visit the zoo in Miami. Knowing that I am a huge animal lover, we decided to do some animal encounters while we visited. Little did I know, Garrett had big plans for my plan.

We arrived at the place and our tour guide told us to wait by the Koi fish pond because she was going to bring out Mr. Chung, their baby Gibbon monkey.

Mr. Chung came walking out holding a little box, which at the time I thought was just his toy or something. Garrett took the box and proceeded to get down on one knee. It was the biggest surprise and best surprise! I keep replaying the moment moment in my head and will cherish it forever.

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