Jessica and Fares

Where to Propose in Chapada Brasil

How They Asked

This is the favorite day of all time. My fiancé brought me to Brasil to “ meet “ his family, and set me up for the most amazing adventure of my life! The day of ( FEB 14th ), we were at a resort down in the jungle. There were hot spring pools, the sound of nature everywhere, beautiful scenery. We stayed in the nicest little house right in the middle of it all. Fares had told me there were monkeys to be seen in the morning & how they come up to the pools – OHHH MY GOSHHH – I was freaking out, I love monkeys haha. We were sitting in the hot springs waiting to go on our hike and hoping to see these little fellas. The time was fast approaching and I sat and prayed ( I know, but ask and it will be given… right?! ) … Still, no monkeys.. *** sigh ***⁣

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chapada Brasil

⁣So, we set out in this gorgeous hike to a dreamy waterfall where you could slide right down it! My faveeeee <3 The things you see hiking in Brasil is insane in comparison to the States… talk about creepy crawlysssss. ⁣ On the way out of our hike, we decided to go a different way than our group… At the VERY END of our hike …. MONKEYSSSSS!!!! I cried tears of joy. I had legit prayed for these booger’s haha. Already, the best day of my life.⁣ Then we head to our next destination UP , UP to the mountains! Fares hadn’t picked a place to stay yet so we decided to go to this place we had seen a few days before. We booked a room and this resort was A DREAM !! ⁣ Fares had been telling me about this spot to see the sunset for months before we came. We had unpacked our things and we were ready to go watch the sunset… Funny thing was, Fares forgot his flip flops. So he walked barefoot for about half a mile out to this cliff edge // M Y M A N //.

Everyone told me, you will know when it’s about to happen, but honestly, I had no idea. I should’ve though because God has me a double rainbow sign earlier in the day ??We were just being normal, watching the sunset, taking a few pictures… Then he says, “ Okay, let’s take one more and get out of here. “

So, I set up my camera and Fares was sitting on the ground in front of me. I ran to get in front of him and as I did — B A M — he was on a knee with those 4 words exiting his mouth ‼️‼️‼️ I literally flew back, then fell into his arms crying tears of joy!!! ?? I hadn’t said “ Yes “ yet because I was so overwhelmed… He was like “ UHHHH… I kind of need an answer “ hahahahaha

Fares had told me all along that he was going to propose when and where he wanted, and with the ring, he picked out. I’m telling you, I’m a control freak, but ladies… give that to your man. No pressure, just an absolutely pure moment between the two of us… On a cliffside in Brasil!!!