Jessica and Doug

Jessica's Proposal in Pawleys Island, South Carolina

How We Met

After a few years of being single, and refusing to use any form of online dating websites, I caved one day and realized that the only men I was meeting during my day to day life as a nanny were either fathers and husbands, or 3 years old. So one night, I subscribed to a month subscription to Within hours I had created a profile and had already received about 50 messages. Mixed in within the first five messages, was a short and sweet one that simply said, “I live right by the track. You’re pretty. I’m Doug.”

Now given the fact that I shared in my profile that I loved going to Monmouth Park Race Track to watch the horses race, that pick up line had me sold. Suddenly it was 3am and I was texting back and forth with this man! By that next weekend we agreed to meet for our first date, at that race track, and the rest, as they say, is history. He was my first and only date from that website, and once our one month subscriptions were up, we had made our relationship official.

how they asked

Growing up my family and I always travelled to Pawleys Island, South Carolina. My grandparents had a home down there for during the winter months, and had eventually moved down there full time. My mom and dad, bought a condo in Pawleys Island about 5 years ago, and once they had, we had a place to go to every summer whenever we wanted. Doug and I went down for a week last summer and had the best time, so when my mom said she had booked our condo for the following summer we couldn’t wait. The cherry on top, was that this time there was going to be the All American Solar Eclipse happening while we were down there and we were even going to be in the band of totality.

Doug has always been a lover of space and all things astronomy, so when we found out we were going to be there for this celestial event he actually said that it was something that was on his Bucket List. So, August 21st, comes around and we are sitting on the beach at Litchfield By The Sea in Pawleys Island watching the eclipse. My whole family was with us and we had our chairs turned towards the sun as we watched the moon spend an hour slowly covering it. Then came the totality, where the moon completely covered the sun and made a dazzling diamond ring around it.

In less than a minute, totality was over and the whole beach applauded the show that the universe just put on for us. Doug then told me to sit back down and put my Eclipse glasses back on so we could continue to watch the moon finish its trip across the sun. Immediately after putting my glasses on, Doug pointed up to the sky and told me to look at something. Not being able to see what he was pointing at through my dark eclipse glasses, I took them off to see him holding up a ring to the sky. Instantaneously I began to cry and that is when Doug got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

Jessica and Doug's Engagement in Pawleys Island, South Carolina