Jessica and Dominick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Portland, Oregon

How We Met

Our love story began back in 2014. I remember being on the dance floor at Nacho Daddy and then turning around to a guy dancing right behind me. He was handsome, and he was smiling. But I got nervous, so I ran off. A few days after I received a message from him on Twitter. Never would I have thought I’d fall in love like this.

Three months later, he popped the question, and no silly, not the “Will you marry me” but the “Will you be my girlfriend” question. It was September 20. After two long days of sorority recruitment, I said yes over a broccoli cheddar bread bowl :) It became apparent that he was the one when I unexpectedly told him I loved him after only being official for two weeks. I thought I said it too early. But love is love and over the next three years, we became best friends.

How They Asked

On May 22, 2018, Dom asked me to be his wife.

But I’ll let Dom tell you that story…

I decided to take her on a vacation to Portland. At first, I wanted to surprise her with where we were going, but she kept asking about the vacation. Naturally, I caved and told her. Now, she is so smart, she knew that this was not going to be a normal trip. I received many “hints”. Anyways, on the Tuesday of our trip, I told her to get ready so we can leave around 7:30 pm. I scheduled our photographer, Julia Green Photography, to meet us at 7:30 pm on the Eastbank Esplanade. However, Julia texted me saying that if we could come closer to 8 pm the sun would not be so bright. Jess was ready by 7 pm to which she stated, “Wow, I’m even ready before you are.” Of course, I was stalling for time.

Jessica's Proposal in Portland, Oregon

We left the hotel around 7:30 pm and took an uber to the Eastbank. The sunset and the city over the river looked gorgeous. We got out of the uber and walked down until I saw Julia. We stopped at the railing and just looked at the sunset. I started to choke up. I wanted to say something but just held her for a second. I worked up the courage to compliment her. Side note: I’m not sure why I was nervous, we both knew what the answer would be! I told her how much I love her and quoted Proverbs 19:14. “House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.” Somewhere in the middle, she started to tear up and so did I. There was a lot of nodding and yes before I even asked, “Will you marry me?” Anyways, so yeah, we’re engaged now. It’s pretty cool.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Portland, Oregon

Jessica: 5/22/18- The day my best friend asked me to be his wife. To the most selfless, patient, SO patient, caring, handsome, and all around Incredible man, I’d say YES a thousand times! I cannot wait to walk this journey God has paved for us. Thank you for choosing me.

It was our third day in Portland, Oregon. After grabbing a bite at the food trucks and walking through downtown we headed back to the hotel. A few hours later Dom told me to get ready. I was a bit confused as we had nothing planned for the evening. It was about 7:30 pm when Dom suggested we take a stroll through Eastbank Esplanade. As we walked the path along the shore of Willamette River, he talked about our relationship and told me how beautiful I was. The scene was set, clear blue skies and warm weather. He pulls me off to the side as we overlooked the river to tell me “I love you so much.” He then gets on one knee and recites a scripture from the Bible (“House and wealth are an inheritance from the fathers, But a prudent wife is from the lord” Proverbs 19:14). Before he was able to finish the question I had already said yes.

Special Thanks

Julia Green
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring