Jessica and Dominic

How We Met

Dominic (or Dom is what he likes being called) and I met when we were both in 6th grade. My mother decided that she wanted to give private school a try and on my very first day, that’s when I met him. I was a super shy girl who had just donated 12 inches of her hair to children with cancer, and I looked more like Dora the Explorer than ever. Dominic claims that when he laid eyes on me he knew I was the one. It took me much longer for me to realize that over the years the boy that became my best friend would soon be my fiancé. The years went by and I started to share every detail of my day with Dom, we would text non stop. Two years after we met he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were only 14 at the time and I didn’t know what you had to do with a boyfriend, I was shyer than ever with that title around him. Soon after we broke it off because being together was breaking us up as friends, I was too shy to talk to him in person, I could never go out on the weekends to spend time with him and I hated the attention teachers gave us about being in groups together.

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We were so young and I just was not ready for a title. Dom and I ended up attending the same high school where we made different friends. He was always into sports and to this day still is, I, on the other hand, can barely throw a ball without hurting myself. So you can see where our group of friends differed. We still kept in touch of course through text message we would ask how our days went even if we had the same classes most of the day. The greatest thing about Dom and I is that no matter what happened between us we would always keep that connection. When we hit the junior year of high school things took a turn, I connected with my feelings and I told Dom that I had feelings for him as more than a friend. To me, this was a make it or break it, confession. I was afraid if he didn’t feel the same way that things would end up being awkward for both of us. To my surprise, he said he had been feeling the same way for years (since 6th grade). I realized I had been friend zoning this guy since I was 12. WHOOPS!

Sharing how I felt with him was the best thing that has ever happened to me, he was my confidant way before I realized he was. We had rough patches here and there when I went to college and he stayed home at a Junior College. The distance was hard but we made it work. I’m a firm believer that the best gift a person can give you is their time because its something they cannot get back. Dom gifted me so many visits while in college. I cannot give this guy enough credit for sitting through countless 12+ hour rides from bus to train to just see me for 48 hours. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

How They Asked

For years we had mentioned that we wanted to take Christmas pictures so that we can share them with friends and family, or something to just have as decor on the Christmas tree. We ended up always being so busy that we never got around to it. Until I brought it up again last year and I was set on getting those pictures taken. I had just graduated college 7 months ago and I was back home, there was no reason not to do them. I kept insisting and insisting that we take them in the snow because it would add such a great background. He agreed. I got in touch with one of my co-workers at the time who was also one of our high school friends. I told her if she could help us get those pictures taken and she was so excited to do that for us.

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Things were falling perfectly in place, my mom had mentioned it to me that she always wanted to go to the tramway and that she wanted to go up there for the pictures with us. (My mom had already known Dom’s plan) Dom asked the most important people in my life for their blessing. This is another major prop to him because he only speaks English and my family only speaks Spanish. He composed a letter with the help of him, mom, promising all my family members how much he will care for me and love me. (I didn’t find out about this gesture until after the proposal). Back to the proposal day, my mom went to the tram before Dom, and I got there and when we got to the top of the mountain my family was waiting there for us.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

I never saw this as a give away I just assumed my mom wanted to be there to see the picture ideas I had been bragging to her about. It wasn’t until the sun was about to set and an hour into the photo session that Dom held my hands and started telling me all about how much he loved me and knew I was the one the moment he met me. At this moment I was still looking at the camera and smiling for what I thought were pictures. I turn around to look at him and he is on one knee and pulls the ring box out of his pocket and asks me to marry him. I was so shocked that when I took a step back I fell into a little hole of snow. My proposal was perfect for me and at the moment it was as if no one else was around us.