Jessica and Devin

Proposal Ideas Higgins Beach, Maine

How We Met

We met working at a grocery store together, while I was still dating someone else. He started working Halloween day, and I, of course, was dressed as Rosie the Riveter. We would casually flirt but I was in a relationship at the time so nothing came of it.

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years later after a bad break up- he finds out I am single. “I have been waiting years for you to finally be single. Let me take you on a date.” I agreed and we went to Higgins beach, had a picnic and walked along the beach. We had our first date and first kiss here.

Jessica and Devin's Engagement in Higgins Beach, Maine

He asked me out by giving me a love lock to put on the gate right outside of the beach. Two years later we went again to check our lock (which is still there untouched) and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!

Special Thanks

Kel Donaldson
 | Photographer