Jessica and Derek

How We Met

In our home county, you go to separate elementary schools. After that, you’re together from middle school through high school. That’s how Derek & I met. The very first day of 7th grade we were in the same homeroom. From the very first hello, we were best friends. That year went on, and feelings grew. But of course all I could think was, “He’s my best friend. It would ruin things if I even thought of telling him how I felt.” So I decided to ignore those feelings. Two days before we began the 8th grade, Derek took that next step; a step I was too afraid to take. I was blessed to dicover that he felt the exact same way about me. August 10, 2009, my best friend became my boyfriend. We’ve had so many great times throughout our relationship, and we’ve also jumped our fair share of hurdles. But nothing has been too hard for us to overcome. It’s been 6 amazing years with the love of my life, and now we have the rest of forever together because, he asked and I said yes!

how they asked

It was the Fourth of July. As a usual tradition, we bought some fireworks from a local store and took them home to light off. Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holiday’s. All of those beautiful explosions of color, it always fascinated me. As the fireworks grew fewer, I decided to go inside and get on something a little warmer. When I returned Derek was fiddling around on the ground next to the gas tank. (For those of you that don’t know some homes have gas heat.) I asked what he was doing, and he said “I dropped the matches.” Of course I just brushed it off and leaned against the gas tank and watched the neighbors light off there fireworks. Out of nowhere I hear the words “Babe..” I turn to see Derek down on one knee. I was so shocked, and all I could do was stare blankly with my mouth open. So many thoughts rushing through my head. “Wow, he really loves me. Four years together, and now I get so many more.” He looked at me deeply with those perfect hazel eyes and said, “Baby, will you please be mine forever?” And of course, I said yes.

Our story may be corny, but it’s my favorite. Derek & I don’t need to do go all out to make eachother happy. Our life is simple, and we live it each and everyday without problem. His amazing proposal reflected on that. Sometimes even the simplest of things, make the biggest impacts.

Image 1 of Jessica and Derek