Jessica and Derek

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How We Met

It all began at the greatest of all schools, the University of Washington (go dawgs!). Derek was a member of the ZBT fraternity, and I was a member of the SK sorority. Both houses were known to get along very well. Derek and I had a few random encounters throughout the 2013-2014 school year and he had asked me to go on a few of their fraternity outings, but I declined. I was loving my independence and was not looking for a relationship at the time. The school year ended and summer came along. I pounced on the opportunity to indulge in summer in Seattle and chose to take a few summer courses. Unfortunately, the sorority house closes in the summer, but luckily the fraternities open their extra rooms for very cheap rent. It’s quite dirty, but a VERY fun time! A few of my sorority friends and I lived in ZBT for the summer and we had a blast! Derek was also living in the house that summer and we started hanging out more and more. He was so easy to talk to and his energy was so much fun to be around. We would go on walks around campus together and end up at a hidden bench on campus. We would sit there for hours and hours talking about anything and everything until the sprinklers turned on and we had to leave ~2 am. This was the best summer ever! And from there… the rest is history!

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How They Asked

At the time, Derek and I spent our Saturday mornings playing tennis, kickball, and various activities with our friends. It was a typical Saturday, and after our full morning of activities, I was quite tired. Derek insisted on going to play basketball out in Palos Verdes, which was about a 25-30min drive from where we were. Derek usually played basketball on Sunday anyway with my brother and asked if he could just wait until then. Derek continued to be very persistent in wanting to go play basketball. I didn’t have much choice since he was the one driving.

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We arrived at an outdoor court and played a game of HORSE. Afterward, Derek said there was a nice view close by that he wanted to show me. Again, I was still tired, but figured we would drive by to see the view. Instead, Derek parked the car and he dragged me out to the spot. I could feel his nervous energy but did not really think much of it. As we walk down the path, I noticed roses on the floor and saw my brother and friend Jamie hiding in the brush. As we reach the edge of the cliff, Derek gets down on one knee and proposes! I was so surprised but so happy to say “yes” to spending the rest of my life with my very best friend.

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Special Thanks

Jamie Minamide
 | Photographer