Jessica and David


How We Met

At the time I was 16 and he was 19. A mutual friend introduced us when she invited us camping. I remember stepping out of her car and seeing his tall and handsome appearance – instantly giving me that “butterflies in my stomach” feeling. He was unlike anyone I’ve ever met. He opened the car door for me (multiple times) the first day I met him and was beyond a gentleman. I was hooked.

how they asked

We were vacationing in Arizona and visiting family this past June. I had anticipated doing the “A Mountain” hike near Arizona State University campus in Tempe, Arizona. My cousin Erika (an Arizona native), David (fiance) and myself decided to attempt the hike in 115 degree weather on the morning of Sunday, June 19th. I thought the biggest reward at the top of the mountain was going to be the view, but there was something even more thrilling awaiting me. David asked Erika if she would take a photo of us with the breathtaking view of the entire city in the background.

We posed for the photo, assuming that she was taking it (finding out afterwards that it was a video). As we were posing for the “photo”, David whispered to me that he was hiding something from me and began to back away from me as he reached into his pocket. I instantly went into shock as I watched him pull a small black box out of his right pant pocket. After a few seconds of me telling him to “shut up”, he asked me to marry him and I tried to compose myself as my face drowned in tears.


There were so many emotions going on in my head. I was unsure if it was the heat getting to me or the fact that he just asked me to spend the rest of my life with him or both.


It was the most breathtaking moment in my life thus far and I couldn’t imagine a better proposal.


Our Video

Best day of my life. 💍

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