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Jessica and Daniel's Engagement in New York City

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For a number of years Danny and Jess have taken a trip to NYC – either in the fall or the spring. As of recently, they haven’t seemed to find our way back, but hopefully soon. There is always something to do or see!On this particular day, they went to Times Square, up near the Statue of Liberty (they considered taking the ferry but it was so windy by the water!), and eventually found themselves wandering through Central Park taking in all the views. They found a large area of rocks to rest, so they went and sat down. Now at this point Jess can remember Danny starting to act a little weird.. looking around, he actually said he had to use the bathroom. Next thing Jess knew, he was down on one knee!! She was totally shocked. Now Jess is sitting on this rock, in shock, with my sunglasses on (Danny will never let her live that down…) and of course her first response is “Are you serious?!?” (also something else Danny will never let her live down..). Once she realized what was happening, the answer was of course, YES! Once they sat there and took it all in, they continued on with their day and headed to the Central Park zoo. Jess doesn’t really remember much else from that day.. the rest seems to be a blur. She couldn’t believe that after everything they had been through, they were engaged!

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