Jessica and Dan

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How We Met

It was the day after Halloween and my friend was in town visiting from Philly. I was NOT in the mood to go out, but being that I wanted to see my friend, I sucked it up and went. I also hate Halloween. Children and college kids should be the only ones that celebrate it multiple nights in a row. While out in Delray Beach, FL, we took a seat outside at Salt7. As we were sitting there, a girl walked by dressed in a full on cat costume – ears, tails, the whole nine. Behind me I heard someone say “Someone should tell that girl Halloween ended yesterday.” I couldn’t help but find that HILARIOUS! I quickly turned around to see this cute guy, with a fake mohawk and the cutest dimples, making the comment. We started talking and spent the rest of the night in conversation. When I left, he did not ask me for my number – I WAS SO UPSET! I left the night not knowing if I’d ever see this guy that I really clicked with ever again. Well, 8AM the next morning I got woken up to a text by a mutual friend asking to give me his number. I had her give him mine and from there, the rest is history!

how they asked

My family and I traveled from Florida to New Jersey for Christmas to celebrate with my boyfriends family. This wasn’t unusual, as we did the same last year. On Christmas Eve it began to snow and that continued into the morning. I woke up SO excited to be having my first white Christmas. While we were relaxing at his mom’s house, Dan asked me to go have a snowball fight outside. Like the child I am when it comes to snow, I couldn’t jump off the couch quick enough. As we were running around the front yard throwing snowballs at one another, Dan starting coming towards me with a snowball in his hand. Thinking that he was going to put it down my pants, or smash it in my face, I ran away screaming “NOOOO” loudly. Finally, Dan grabbed me close and told me to stop moving. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee brushing off the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen & asking me to spend forever with him.

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Of course I said, YESSSSSS then broke down into tears for about 15 minutes before going upstairs to both of our families ready to congratulate us!

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