Jessica and Cory

How They Asked

Cory and I were on a small weekend getaway to San Francisco along with his parents. After spending the day sight-seeing we were headed to the last destination which was union square. As we walk around union square we came to the back of this heart sculpture that various artists have made and placed all over San Fran. Now on the front side of the heart people are in a line waiting to get there picture taken in front. As we walk alongside the heart to get in the line a stranger walks up to me. This girl says to me something along the lines of “hey I’m sorry to bother you but could I give you this picture to go a tape on to the heart, I’m doing a favor for my friend and if they see me it will ruin it” after protesting and being confused I take the photo not looking at it and I walk over to the front of the heart in front of everyone.

As I walk I look down at the photo to see a small Polaroid picture of a closed ring box. Very focused to put this picture on the heart and walk away I notice while taping on my picture that the other Polaroids on the heart are the pictures of my boyfriend and I. As I stood and stared in disbelief I said out loud “oh my god!” That’s when I turned to see Cory on one knee asking me if I would marry him. (I Wish I could remember what exactly he said because I completely blacked out, literally the world went silent for those short seconds but I remember his handsome face beaming).

Where to Propose in San Francisco

As I stood there and cried as I said yes there was a small band playing music on the corner and he took me in his arms to slow dance as I was in between a historical laugh and sob. Afterward, the “stranger” who asked me to put up the picture came up to me and turns out it was one of my now fiancée good friends who drove an hour in a half on a day’s notice to do this favor for him. I never new love like I do now and it’s all thanks to Cory and his unconditional love for me.

Jessica's Proposal in San Francisco