Jessica and Cory

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How We Met

Cory and I met almost 8 years ago through mutual friends and attended Fire School together. At the time we were both volunteer firefighters in our hometowns. We quickly realized how easily our friendship developed and from there the rest is history! When they say you just know, you really do just know when you’ve found the one! From there we’ve grown so much together!

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We attended college where we first moved in together, added two fur-babies to our family, and now currently living in North Carolina starting our careers! A lot has happened over the last 8 years but I couldn’t imagine doing any of it without Cory. We just get each other and are honestly the best team. He is my rock and I definitely hit the jackpot with him!

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How They Asked

We were home visiting family over the holidays. We recently moved to North Carolina after I graduated from college in May. All of my family and his family were visiting and celebrating Christmas at his parent’s house. We had an amazing night of laughs, games, and just spending time with one another. Cory and I were standing in the kitchen surrounded by our family when I felt a gentle tug on my arm. As I turned around (because I thought Cory had fallen), I was completely surprised to find him down on one knee!

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It was a complete surprise but my heart immediately exploded with excitement and emotion! Almost 8 years in the making this was a very anticipated moment by all and it meant so much to me to have most of our family there to share such a special moment! After many cheers and lots of tears, he asked me for forever and I excitedly replied, “Of course I will!” It gives me chills to think about and I love rewatching the video! I am so incredibly happy to be marrying my best friend in September of 2022!

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