Jessica and Corey

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How We Met

I met Corey in 2011 during my last semester of undergrad at John Jay College in New York City. We happened to have two consecutive evening classes together that semester. I was juggling a full time job with full time studies so I would often rush from work to school and sneak into the back rows of our first evening class, hoping Professor Richardson wouldn’t notice. I usually sat next to Corey and became aware of his full name from the attendance sign in sheets that would circulate the class. Corey was very sociable and good at networking while attending college. He’s smart and outgoing but was also that guy in class who would raise his hand to answer every question or share a comment while the rest of the class stared at him like…”Who is this guy??”. Once the semester was over and grades started rolling in I had an issue with a grade I’d received in a class I shared with Corey. Because I knew his full name, I emailed Corey to check on whether I was the only one with the grade issue but also to make some type of contact with him before I graduated. That email led to becoming Facebook friends then exchanging phone numbers then dating… 6 years later my love asked me to share this life with him forever.

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how they asked

In the months leading up to the proposal, I was in several hair photo shoots. So I didn’t think anything of it when my hair stylist, Annette, reached out to schedule a video shoot set for Saturday, September 23rd. Corey left for a weekend work retreat the Friday before my shoot and I got my hair styled and prepped for the following day. Corey called me that night and we spoke about his retreat and wished each other goodnight before bed. My Saturday morning started early, as I got my things together and headed to Fort Tryon Park in Inwood, where I was to meet up with Annette’s videographers and begin test shots until she arrived. I remember thinking how fancy her set up was to include an overhead camera drone. The videographers, Julian and Mike had me walk through the park’s garden and down the steps. At one point I heard an awesome saxophonist playing Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” and then realized he was our friend, Alfredo, when I caught sight of him. I walked over to chat and as I brought up Corey’s work trip Corey appeared behind me. As expected, I was surprised and confused. Him showing up to my video shoot, the fact that he knew exactly where I was and why he was dressed up and looked so handsome threw me but I summed it up to be his way of surprising me with his earlier than expected return from his work retreat. And then he pulled out a ring box from his pocket and proceeded to get down on one knee and time felt like it stopped.

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I had no idea I had been preparing for and filming what would become our engagement video and that Corey orchestrated one of the best moments of my life in such a special and beautiful way. The best part is that we now have footage of our moment for the rest of our lives together. I couldn’t have asked for a better future husband.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Annette Roche
 | She styled my hair beautifully for the video shoot and collaborated on the surprise
 | Videographer
 | Videographer