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How We Met

We cannot believe it’s been 3 1/2 years in the making, but it really goes back further than that. We met in Spanish class during our Sophomore year in high school. Colby was not always the greatest with Spanish and would always ask me for help, but then would get caught by the teacher for talking. It didn’t really go anywhere from there for a while. Flash-forward to the beginning of senior year – we were both gearing up to leave Fredericksburg to go onto bigger and better things. We were SO ready to graduate. Things took a big turn that year when our mutual friends re-introduced us on a “set-up” date to the ‘Wicked Woods’. It was the beginning of October when they went to the Wicked Woods – a local Halloween attraction where you go through a haunted forest and other creepy buildings. I was actually supposed to work that night, but someone else wanted my shift, so I gladly gave it up for a night out with friends…or so I thought. Colby originally really didn’t want to go to the Wicked Woods either, but when Ben told him that I was coming, he changed his mind. I was the only one that later on found out that this whole thing had been set up by all of our friends!!

A scary-movie first “real date” to see Sinister didn’t go exactly as smoothly as we wanted – we both couldn’t sleep for nights. Colby was so nervous and had no idea if I was enjoying myself or not and almost left after he dropped me off without a kiss or even a hug!! I made the first move and finally had our first kiss. And the rest is history…just kidding. After a few more movie dates, we realized how much we enjoyed spending time together and started dating. Some of our favorite things to do together are having movie marathons (we LOVE Star Wars and Harry Potter), going out to eat at new restaurants (we are serious ‘foodies’), and just learning more about each other and focusing on our relationship. With Colby being in the military, we really like to make sure we make enough time for each other and make it last because he is gone quite often.

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how they asked

I can’t believe I just said yes to marrying the love of my life! Going on 3 1/2 years with this sweetheart, it has been nothing short of “amazing-ness”! I had NO idea that he was planning to propose and I am still in shock! We haven’t had pictures done in so long and I was begging to get them done! He finally said yes and I scheduled the entire session myself with Nikki Santerre Photography. He was so brilliant the way he planned everything – he did it all without me knowing. He got her phone number from my phone and texted her telling her that he wanted to propose! From there, the session that I thought I was planning turned into my own proposal! Nikki & Colby planned every little detail: the candles, a “Mrs. Box” that I’ve been dreaming of, the BEAUTIFUL location at the Carillon, his fancy suit, my dress from Rent The Runway, and even CHAMPAGNE! Does it get any better than this?! We started off the session like a normal session – I had NO idea. We eventually started walking up the grand staircase and took some more photos. It wasn’t until Nikki told us to start walking behind the other wall that I saw candles on the ground and was a little confused. Yet, until Colby got down on one knee, I never suspected a thing! When he got down on one knee, he started explaining to me how long he had been waiting to ask me this sweet question. He explained that from the moment he met me, he knew I was the one and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I seriously couldn’t believe it was happening!! He told me that he even asked my mother, my father, and my brother for permission and then asked for my hand in marriage. This was the most amazing proposal and I couldn’t be more excited to marry the man of my dreams!

Following the proposal, all of our family was waiting at home for us to congratulate us!! It was the day after Christmas so I thought that his mom had planned this big party back at her house for the family to get together. It just so happened that it was the same day that Colby wanted to propose, so she told all of the family and made sure that they stayed there and didn’t go home until we got there! When we got back, everyone was there and was so excited. We all sat down in a big circle together and Colby and I explained how he proposed and everybody wanted to see the ring and kept saying how gorgeous we looked! There were so many tears, hugs, and emotions to fill our bodies for the rest of our lives. It was truly amazing.

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