Jessica and Clint's Beach Proposal with Dad's Help

Towslee_Couch_Harmony_Lynn_Photography_color42of196How we met: Ten years ago, I was going to school and working at Harley Davidson and Starbucks in Tucson. Clint walked into HD to use a gift card he won, and I convinced him to spend three times the amount (hey, I worked on commission). I also invited him to take a ride and come to Starbucks for a cup of coffee the next day during my shift (another sales tactic that no one actually took me up on). Unexpectedly, he showed up for coffee the next morning.

Ironically, he was in the interview process for a job within Starbucks. We chatted and exchanged emails, but I didn’t think anything of it. I left the next week for an internship in Central Florida. I had told Clint of my plan to leave for the summer and come back for school just as part of casual conversation. Over the summer, he had gotten the job at Starbucks and knowing I was going to return to Tucson for school, he started visiting my Starbucks every day waiting for me to come back to work. My first shift back, he happened to be working in my store, “checking the temperature of the milk fridges”. Come to find out, as now an employee, he had gained access to the schedule and knew exactly when I would be back at work, and made up the excuse as to why he was in my store at the same time I came back. We continued to meet for coffee and quickly our relationship became so much more.

how they asked: When he made up his mind that marriage was definitely in our future, he knew he had to ask for my Dad’s permission before asking me the big question. I knew it was important for Clint to ask for permission and I knew if it ever came to that he would do it in person. My dad lives in Washington state so those opportunities were few and far between.

As Clint tells me, in June a lot of my family met up in San Francisco for my sister’s graduation. During the course of family events, Clint had multiple opportunities to ask for my Dad’s permission and couldn’t get the courage! Finally, when we were looking over the golden gate bridge, I headed back to the car ahead of them and Clint remarked about how beautiful it was up here. My Dad replied, “yes it it is; OH! Are you going to ask her to marry you!?!?” And Clint said, “no I am going to ask YOU if I can marry her”. My Dad of course agreed.

It wasn’t until about four months later that Clint proposed to me. My Dad flew out for a visit to Florida, and Clint decided we could take the opportunity to have some family photos on the beach. I coordinated the photo shoot with Harmony and was super excited to get professional photos of Clint and I as well as include my Dad!


Little did I know, Clint had been working behind the scenes with Harmony to plan this whole thing. We had a great time at the beach taking our family photos. Everyone was laughing and have a good time.


My heart was already full of so much joy from being with Clint and my dad, and from knowing that our photos would show that for years to come. Towards the end of the photo shoot, Harmony was taking photos and said, “ok Jess now turn toward Clint”. She had positioned us such that I would turn around and Clint was on a knee with a gorgeous ring!







Harmony was the only one who knew what was about to happen, and was able to totally capture my reaction! I didn’t have a clue that this was even a possibility, but the entire proposal was simply perfect. It meant so much that my dad was present for the proposal, and that every moment of it was captured perfectly!




Photos by Harmony Lynn Photography