Jessica and Chuck

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How We Met

He was a coach for the Austintown Little Falcons and I was on the board of the Boardman Little Spartans. He was a good friend of my friend and we ended up having dinner at her house one night and we had been inseparable ever since! Chuck and I met when my son was playing football for our team and Chuck was a coach for the other team! He was friends with one of the moms I was also friends with, so we met and started hanging out. We really just had fun together, he is my best friend!

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how they asked

So the day we got engaged, it was parents day for the team. All the players and cheerleaders are announced and escorted on the field by their families. So he’s coaching and I’m working the concession stand. When he comes comes of the field he tells me that he has to go and help a friend of ours fix his truck. He’s stranded on the side of the road I’m told. Unbeknownst to me our friend is fine and they had to go and pick up the ring! Meanwhile my parents and my nieces showed up, it was parents day and I knew they’d be there. Then I look over and there’s my little brother! That really surprised me because his daughter is a cheerleader for another team in our district. I asked him what he was doing here and he told me he was arguing with his wife, and I told him it’s OK and to go get some food.

Never gave it a second thought. So then I was panicking that Chuck was back from helping our friend ( I still have no clue what’s going on) and I’m calling him telling him he better hurry! So he finally gets back and we are waiting for them to call our name and he’s talking with another coach and lagging behind. I turn to tell him to hurry and and they have a microphone. The announcers tell everyone in the stadium to hold on a moment and to look at the field. Chuck gives the microphone to our friend Paul to talk for him because he’s too choked up to talk.

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I’m still confused and clueless as to what happening, until I see him drop to one knee! I couldn’t believe it!! All of the boys swarmed over surrounding us with balloons waiting for my answer! 43 11-13 year old boys knew and not one told me…. I was so surprised and of course I said yes and all the boys and the crowd started cheering! It was one of the happiest days of my life!

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Special Thanks

The Boardman Little Spartans football organization
 | The helped organize the entire day and managed to keep it a secret from me!
Kate Baun
 | She helped pick out my ring
Pam Humphrey
 | She took pictureso of the day