Jessica and Christopher

how we met

We met at his bestfriends girlfriends house at a party. We had seen eachother a couple of times before but never talked. He thought I was seeing someone who was just a friend so didnt approach me. After realizing I wasnt, he approached me sitting on the stairs. He introduced himself then processed to ask me out to dinner. I was hesitant but decided to take him up on it. We went out the next day and kept going out ever since.

how they asked

It was a surprise. So much so that I thought it was a joke. He likes to play around with me and he’s very sarcastic that sometimes i dont know when he’s serious. He proposed at my moms wedding, after i caught the bouquet with a plastic band around the bottle cap of a water bottle and told me he was going to replace it with a beautiful ring one day. It caught me off guard and was so sweet and sentimental.

Special Thanks

Shelbi Ann Imagery
 | Photography
Bar J Ranch
 | Event Venue