Jessica and Christopher

How We Met

Chris and I met in high school, I was a senior and he was a sophomore. His best friend and my best friend were cousins and we always hung out together as a group. Chris and I became very close after realizing we had the same sense of humor, and love for chocolate and ice cream. Eventually we started doing our own thing, we would go for ice cream at a small town homemade ice cream shop, go for walks around an old historic Monestary, and bake brownies late at night when we would have our friends around for summer night camp fires. Eventually the summer came to an end and I went off to college, got a boyfriend, and Chris and I lost touch through the years. Four years went by and I was graduated from school, and ready to make a change in my life by moving to North Carolina. After a few months of being settled in Charlotte, I got a Facebook message from Chris. We exchanged new numbers as it had been a while since we talked. As it turns out, Chris joined the Marine Corps after high school and was stationed in Jacksonville, NC – about 4 hours from Charlotte where I lived. We made plans to get together again and hangout to catch up about life. Once we met that weekend he came to Charlotte, we both knew there was something there that was more than just friends. Chris would come to Charlotte occasionally for weekends to hangout and we had the times of or life, just like old best friends from high school it was like nothing changed. Eventually, Chris got orders to leave on deployment for almost a year. We had grown so close, the thought of him leaving made my heart drop. He kissed me goodbye the night before he left for deployment and at that moment we knew we were in this relationship together. That’s when we officially started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, and our relationship grew so incredibly strong. 10 and a half months later, Chris came home and we have been inseparable ever since. Every weekend he makes the drive from Jacksonville to Charlotte (9 hours round trip) until I am done with finishing my second degree. We are best friends, he’s the love of my life.

how they asked

On November 25th, Chris and I went on a hike with my father, step mother and some extended family. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and we had planned on leaving RI the next at to head home to NC. After our long hike, my parents wanted to make a big dinner and invite Chris’s parents over for dinner. Growing up with my military style parenting father, there were expectations of us as kids to help with everything having to do with preparing dinner for family. I expected to head straight back to my father’s house to prepare food and make the house look presentable (even though I haven’t lived at home for almost 7 years!) Chris whispered to me that he needed to go home tobhis parents house (20 minutes away) and use the restroom because he wasn’t feeling well. I was a little irritated but I relunctently agreed and told my father we would be back ASAP. My dad kept badgering me about where we were going- as we were expected to help cook! I promised him we would hurry and be back in time to prepared dinner with them. Well, we got to Chris’s parents house, he ran upstairs for only a minute, and came back down. I was thoroughly aggravated at this point because I was so focused on getting back to help my family. We get in the car to drive back to meet my parents, but Chris was taking the wrong exit. I tried telling him we were going the wrong way, and even took out my phone, plugged in my GPS and showed him that we were going in the opposite direction! Chris was adamant that we were taking a “shortcut” but I was growing more and more impatient. Not 2 minutes later we were pulling into the old Monestary that we used to go for walks in high school. I was so confused, it was dark and cold, and I had no idea why we were there. Chris said “we always talked about coming back here for old memories sake let’s just take a little walk.” I looked at him straight faced and said “Chris there is no time, we need to go back and peel potatoes and carrots, my dad is expecting us.” But he would not let up on the idea that he just wanted to take a little walk, he promised he would be quick. I couldn’t help but break my neurotic mentality of needing to be somewhere at a certain time, and smiled and got out. He’s always very sentimental and romantic, I knew this would make him happy. So we got out and walked around the old bridge that led to the old path we would walk on. He started telling me how much he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me, and that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed! I felt so bad for the hard time I was giving him in the car and started apologizing and then I said YES! Of course! I get to marry my BEST friend, and spend forever with him.