Jessica and Charlie


How We Met

Charlie and I met in April 2011 at Elon University! We met at his fraternity’s party where our mutual friends intentionally introduced us and played match maker in the hopes we would hit it off. We, of course, were infatuated with each other from the moment we met and the rest has been history ever since!

how they asked

Charlie had woken up early to help our mutual friends move out of their apartment and had suggested to me that we get an early breakfast and maximize the day as soon as he got back. Charlie definitely had me fooled based on his “breakfast reservation” at this “fancy” restaurant we had talked about where he said the restaurant advised him that there was a “dress code” so I of course dressed up a little bit. On our way to our “breakfast reservation”, we decided to cut through the Boston Public Garden as it is always so pretty around this time of year (as you can tell in the photos). As we were approaching this beautiful bridge inside the garden, Charlie led me towards the center of the bridge and confessed to me that we were no longer going to breakfast.

He then proceeded to tell me some of the most beautiful things someone has ever said to me and our very own professional photographer started snapping these beautiful pictures!


He got down on one knee, popped the question, and without hesitation I said yes!




Charlie and our photographer then suggested we walk along the water for some more engagement pictures. As we started to walk, Charlie stopped me and told me there was yet another surprise and told me to turn around.


When I turned around, my parents, who were celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary on this day and had flown from North Carolina as well as his parents who had traveled from Maine were hiding behind this beautiful Willow tree.


I instantly started crying out of pure happiness, shock, and disbelief! It is safe to say that August 13th 2016 was absolutely the most perfect fairy tale of a day and we both could not be more excited to be spending the rest of our lives together!!





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