Jessica and Charlie

Jessica and Charlie's Engagement in Disney!! Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista FL

How We Met

I was fourteen and he was fifteen. We went to different high schools but were both involved in a singing group that traveled around the area to perform at churches. I had noticed during practices that he was an incredible guitar player and drummer but, of course, never had the courage to talk to him. Right before our season kicked off, the leaders took us all on a retreat to practice and get to know each other. I will never forget hearing him sing for the first time. He was practicing his solo and I just felt my heart melt! I just knew I had to get to know this guy. After many ditzy attempts to get his attention, we finally started talking. I remember he tried (and is still trying) to teach me to play the guitar and I loved listening to him talk about his faith. My friend gave me his number and the rest is history! He was my date to every school dance as we dated long-distance all through high school. We went to different colleges but the weekend trips and adventures have made it all worth it. He has never stopped pushing me to pursue God and has never failed to show me Christ’s love. He was my first date, my first kiss, and my first love. He is my best friend and I am so thankful!

how they asked

I grew up going to Disney almost every year as a kid. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve running around Magic Kingdom with my sisters in our princess costumes. This past semester I moved down to Florida for The Disney College Program. I had the opportunity to work right on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and it was an absolute blast. When Charlie and his parents came to visit there was no question that we were going to Disney. We got to Magic Kingdom around noon after spending the morning at Animal Kingdom. His dad had never been to Disney so right away they wanted a picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle. All down Main Street there are photographers lined up ready to take guest’s photos. Charlie choose one the perfect distance from the castle, but I didn’t think anything of it. As we were getting our photo taken I saw him go down on one knee out of the corner of my eye.

I was so surprised that I actually gasped and remember thinking “oh my goodness!!! is this actually happening??” My heart started beating so fast as he talked about how he was so excited to serve God with me for the rest of our lives. When he popped the question, castle in the background and all, I felt like a princess. I started crying as I said yes!! When he stood up he told me that my parents had flown in all the way from Michigan to surprise me. More tears. The HAPPIEST tears.

Where to Propose in Disney!! Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista FL

We all ate lunch at Tony’s Restaurant (it’s Lady and the Tramp-themed, ugh my heart) and our waiter surprised us with Mickey and Minnie bride & groom ears. He also gave us VIP tickets to the Festival of Fantasy Parade! With so much adrenaline and excitement we got to run around Disney World all day and ride all my favorite rides. The day ended perfectly as we had an amazing view of the firework show. He thought of all the details and it just showed how much he really knew me. It was SO magical. Truly, the best day ever.

Special Thanks

The photographer for the proposal was one of the Disney Photographers, we do not have his name :(