Jessica and Chad

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How We Met

The first time I saw Chad was in the little town of Monroe, North Carolina. Chad had come from California and I had come from Pennsylvania to do a 5 month program through YWAM. We had kitchen duty together the first week we were there and quickly discovered that we both love to have fun. I whipped him with a wet towel and he accidentally punched me in the face. We were best friends after that! We spent 3 months in NC and then 2 months together in a small town in Cambodia teaching English as a second language. Over the course of those 5 months, Chad and I were pretty much inseparable. As our time in Cambodia was coming to an end, we both began to realize how much we truly enjoyed spending time together and that this was more then just friendship. When we returned to our sides our different sides of the country, we started our long distance relationship and our monthly flights back and forth between California and Pennsylvania.

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how they asked

I flew out to California for the weekend with my parents and I thought they were just tagging along so they’d have a chance to meet Chad’s family. I will say that things tend to go over my head. I didn’t think Chad had a ring (because we never even looked together) and I didn’t think he’d asked my Dad which is what led me to believe he wasn’t proposing this month. I could’ve probably figured out that Chad was going to propose if I had wanted to but I just didn’t quite make the connections. He was originally going to propose on Saturday at sunset but had to make a last minute switch to Friday night because of impending rain on Saturday. Following a dinner with our parents, we went for a short hike up to a cross on top of a mountain that overlooks Simi Valley. Chad had a little picnic basket with hot cocoa and coconut macaroons (my favorite) and had some music playing from a little Bluetooth speaker. We sat there overlooking the city lights for awhile just talking until he stood up and led me over to flat ground. He started talking about our future together and how we have to take it all one step at a time. Then he got down on one knee and said: “First we have to take this step. Jessica will you marry me?” He was all cool, calm, and collected and I was a blubbering, crying, mess of happy tears. I said yes to forever with my best friend!

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