Jessica and Casey

How We Met (as told by the groom-to-be, Casey)

Jessica is probably going to kill me for this! From what she tells me she saw me first one day at a BCM lunch. The BCM is the Baptist Student Center on our undergraduate campus – University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Apparently I was like a “ghost” then. When she saw me she turned to her friend and asked who I was. When she looked back to show who she was talking about, I was already gone! It wasn’t until October 5th that she got to see me again, and it was also the first time I got to see her! She came to watch the BCM ping pong tournament and I was playing in it. I happened to be sitting on the side line watching (cause I lost), and the next thing I know I see this green-eyed hottie staring at me! At first I was tried to play it cool. I would say that she did that too but she totally didn’t. (Told you she would kill me) I remember that I decided to watch the ping pong ball go across the table, and when it went to the left, I would look to make sure she was actually doing what I thought she was doing. I did this about 7 times and each time I looked she still hadn’t taken her eyes off of me. USUALLY when something like that happens I go to the other room, but with her being drop dead beautiful… I decided that I might at least see if she was crazy or not. (She is by the way… we just happen to be the same kind of crazy.) This was done by me intentionally shooting a look to her.

Not just any look though, it was a, “Yeah I see what you are looking at sweetie pie. What cha think?” With this stunning look across the room her eyes started darting around the room trying to pretend she wasn’t checking me out, but I knew. All she saw me do was look down with a smile on my face because I was like, “Yep… I win.” Normally I would usually chicken out at this point, but thank God (literally) I had some guts that day, and I actually crossed past my comfort zone and walked across the room during a ping pong game with my Spanish book in hand, and I started talking to her. She was so nervous, and so was I, so it’s all good then! After that, things started falling into place for us. With the bunny bunny game and the ninja game and the very sneaky way I gave her my phone number, we soon had our first date (and kiss) and things went down into history from there! Love you babe!

Jessica’s rebuttal: I would just like to add that I wasn’t staring THAT bad. He just wanted me to be staring at him. He imagined part of that…ANNNDDD I had to steal his phone number. Like a crazy woman. I don’t know how to turn that part around to be his fault, but yeah, I still think he didn’t want my phone number – I just gave him no choice in the matter. When you know what you want, you have to go after it, right?

how they asked (Casey’s version, again): When I was growing up there were few things that I looked up to more than a hero. Not just any hero however. The hero of my choice was Link.  Sure there are a ton of things that I think is awesome about Link, but one of the coolest things I thought he did was battle dragons, skeletons, Ganon, and even Demise for one purpose only. It wasn’t for power, fame, or to prove anything. Instead it was to save the girl. I also admired how little Link said to do what was necessary, but relied on his actions to get things done. Strangely enough this was part of my motivation for making the move that I did. I had to embody the courage of Link and do the most frighting thing in the world to ensure that I got the girl.

That task that was set before me? Talk to Paul (Doug) Howard, her dad. 

At this point I had already spoken to my mother, looked around but had not found a ring yet, and I set myself up to pop the question to Doug himself. It was Christmas day when I learned that after Doug eats his Christmas lunch he usually takes a lap around the subdivision to work it off a bit. When I heard this I thought to myself, “this is my chance! Just Doug and I and a lot of open road to run on if things go bad!” So everyone ate their food and as I was getting up for this walk, Doug decides to have a lazy Christmas this year and not go on a walk. I was devastated. My plan was ruined and I had no idea how to fix it. That was until I discovered that he was waking up at 8 in the next morning. Despite it being WAY before my wake up time, I decided this would be my best chance. So I woke up the next morning, and the man was as busy as a bee burning dvds of Jessica’s childhood. (Great timing I know) About 15 minutes pass of me following him around like a lost puppy until I finally took a deep breath and said, “Doug… can I ask you a question?” Scariest. Thing. Ever. Like I would watch all Paranormal Activities and “It” in a row before doing that again scary. This took a good long while but the deed was done and he told me to “Do what I needed to do.” Still not sure if that was a yes, but hey whatever.

Time goes by and I am just teasing Jessica endlessly about shopping for a ring for her when I get the perfect time and place to do it! The January 2012 Choreography Showcase, a dance recital her studio put on every year. With a quick phone call to Jennifer, the dance studio owner (who had dreamed a year before that I proposed at January show) (Weird right?)  and some behind the scene planing, I turned a job into a romantic scene straight from a chick flick! The rest was history really.

I have never been more shocked in my life! I couldn’t even cry, just stand there and nod at my future. We plan to be married on that exact stage, summer of 2013.