Jessica and Carson

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How We Met

Carson and I have a “fate had it” type of love story. We both grew up in our local church since we were both around the ages of 5 and 7. He was the pastor’s son, and I never had spoken a word to him. I only knew him as such, and we never crossed paths (being kids, teenagers, or even graduating high school) or became friends. He was always 2 years older than me and was involved in different areas of the church. I had graduated high school and began interning in the Youth Ministry (sneak peek: now where both Carson and I work on staff together!). Carson and I had a mutual friend at the time, and he began trying to set us up. Our first interaction was in a creative meeting I was leading in, and I remember thinking “who is this guy and who invited him into my meeting!”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Basalt, CO

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Jessica's Proposal in Basalt, CO

Proposal Ideas Basalt, CO

Jessica and Carson's Engagement in Basalt, CO

A week passed by and there he was again, in my building quietly observing with our mutual friend. And then, I spoke my first words to him: “well, if you’re just going to stand there, at least help me stack some of these chairs!”. From there, and though we didn’t see it at the time, I became his encourager to do more than what he would ever imagine, and he became my rock, easing me of my anxiety and keeping me level-headed. 3 years later, through tons of ups and downs, we still laugh at the fact that we could have met so many times. But God created our interaction to be perfectly aligned, at the right time in our lives (because no kidding, we would have hated each other in high school!). I’m about to complete my Bachelors and have already begun my Masters Program, and he is there supporting me, as we both run full speed in our jobs, assisting the next enervation to impact the world for good. I am beyond blessed to have Carson in my life, just the way God planned it!

How They Asked

Fast track to the holidays this last season. I knew the proposal was coming but had no clue when. He had asked my parents for their blessings, and we were ready for this next step. Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve pass by. And not to mention, we were in Colorado already for New Years with his family, as at this point I thought he was going to wait until February to my birthday! I kept seeing him whisper to his family, but since I didn’t have any clue on when at this point, I ignored it.


Carson asked me to go on a small walk outside of our beautiful vacation home in Basalt, CO. I didn’t think anything of it since we had done this almost every morning since we arrived. He seemed like he was trying to rush me out, which confused me since we were leaving soon. But there we went, down to see the beautiful mountains and fresh snow (this Miami girl had never seen snow before this!). I am pretty much blind as a bat, but I saw there was something in the snow up ahead. As we were getting closer, I noticed a heart made of tinsel and a small box.

I immediately started the waterworks! He got down on one knee, and Lord knows what he said because we both don’t remember! I hugged him and cried, and his family came out of the bushes cheering (shout out to them, it was 4 degrees out!). My ring is perfect, my man is amazing, the view was wonderful, and I’m ready for the rest of my life! Little did I know that I was starting off my New Year of 2019 with the best day of my life!

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