Jessica and Cameron

How We Met

Cam & I met about 6 years ago towards the end of summer when we were just 15 and 17! My best friend and I were at the Brown County Fair rodeo when I saw him with one of his friends and being a 15-year-old girl, thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. At this point, I didn’t even realize he went to school in Eureka (a town very close to mine) but was stoked when I found out he did (though, I had no intentions of ever speaking to him as he was far too cute.) So, I was even more excited when I knew my school would be playing his in football and this meant another opportunity to see him. At this football game I literally shouted “Hello, husband!” across the football field. (No, I still had never talked to him, he did not know I existed LOL.) Fast forward a couple weeks, I was constantly talking to my friends about him so a friend took matters into her own hands and got my number to Cameron. The next morning he texted me and that may be one of the only moments in my life I’ve ever outwardly expressed excitement. About a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history (except I’m going to tell you the history.)

We spent every moment together that we could, which in high school, was not many. Due to attending different schools and conflicting schedules, we would maybe see each other once a week. I always wished it was more, but every time we did get to see each other, it was just that much more special and I could not believe how quickly time always flew (it really does when you’re having fun). Over the years I got to know and love Cam’s family. I always looked forward to going to his house not only to see him, but his two youngest sisters; they are two of my very favorite people!

Eventually Cam went to basic training for the National Guard, which we knew would be difficult, and it was; but also so easy. We wrote letters almost every single day and before we knew it, he was home!

The following year we were both students at NSU and time spent together was much more frequent. I’m so grateful that we’re still just excited to squeeze in any moment together that we can, like trying to meet for the 10 minutes between our classes to grab coffee and get to know the contents of one another’s day.

Now we’re both still currently students at NSU and will be graduating within the next year and a half. We are both so ready to have our degrees in hand and to take on the world together! We have gotten to do so much together over the years and I am beyond thankful for all of it. Starting in high school with 3 proms to multiple graduations and our summer adventures to WI & CO.

We are each other’s best friends. We share our values, our outlook for the future, a sometimes hard-to-understand humor, a work ethic, and a love for so many of the same things.

how they asked

Cam and I love adventure and seeing and doing new things. So for this past summer’s vacation, we decided to go to CO. We were going to the Denver Zoo, to see 2Cellos at Red Rocks, hike Hanging Lake and any other cool spots we could find, and overall, do tons of exploring. So, on Wednesday, the 26th and the third day of our trip, hiking Hanging Lake was on our itinerary. I think we had agreed this was one of the things we were both most excited about! We got there, found a parking spot right away (which is next to impossible during the summer months), got ready, and headed up towards the “Hanging Lake”.

It was a tough hike (gains 1,000 ft elevation in a little over a mile) but so beautiful along the way that we couldn’t wait to see what the lake looked like. We get to the top and are absolutely taken aback by how beautiful it really is (pictures don’t do it justice.) We spend a little time taking it all in, looking around, and watching a friendly little Steller’s Jay hop around. Eventually, we decided it was time to get some pictures and were scoping out a person to take them for us. (Little did I know, we were really finding someone to take pictures of Cam proposing:)

Jessica's Proposal in Hanging Lake - Glenwood Canyon, CO

We found a really nice couple who were more than willing to take a few for us. I gave them my phone and am standing there waiting for Cam when I noticed something apparently interesting in the water and lean over for a few seconds to look at it. (This is when Cameron very much surprises our impromptu photographer and tells him he’s about to propose and that he should take a lot of pictures.) So, I turn back around and see Cam setting up his Go-Pro which I thought was weird because we just found someone to take pictures of us, but I didn’t think too much about it. We pose for a couple pictures and just as I think we’re done, Cam says, “Wait, there’s one more thing.” I immediately knew what it was and don’t even remember what went through my mind because I couldn’t believe it was happening! He started to get down on one knee and with the shakiest hands I’ve ever seen asked me to marry him. (I started shaking my head “Yes” before he actually asked.) It was perfect and so very “us”. We were in a beautiful place doing something we both enjoy so much and it made for a moment I don’t think either of us will ever forget.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hanging Lake - Glenwood Canyon, CO

After that, smiles were ear to ear for the rest of the day. We spent a little more time exploring Hanging Lake while I asked him every question that came to mind about how he pulled it off. (He did a great job:) Then, we ended our already magical day in Glenwood Springs at the hot springs pool which was amazing!***

***ACTUALLY, we ended the day by getting to our walk-to camping spot in the dark and watching a coyote steal from someone else’s campsite which really discouraged me from wanting to sleep outside. But we managed to survive!