Jessica and Calvin

How We Met

7 Years Ago! I met Jessica at a restaurant after a softball game, she was with her friends and I was with mine. Honestly I noticed her athletic figure first, go figure, since then instant connection. We’ve had our ups and downs along the way, and as much as I thought maybe there was better, there wasn’t. I had already found what I was looking for.

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how they asked

Black Friday deals and jewelry commercials were swirling around and questions began to mount on what Christmas gifts I was going to get Jessica. I had no clue. She has everything! Oh wait, except a ring. That’s what she truly wants. Except for maybe a puppy…. But that’s not happening. The Sunday before Thanksgiving I had entrusted my sister that I was planning on proposing in the near future. So I had her investigate ‘CSI Style’ Jessica’s Pinterest for the type of ring she was “pinning”. Confirmed…. Halo Ring Setting. Check. Oh and yes she definitely had many wedding Pinterest pins due to the fact that she has been in so many weddings. That just shows the type of person she is and how many people care and truly consider Jessica as a lifelong friend.

Back Story…..

Jessica has been in countless weddings. I cannot even count. Also, she has caught more bouquets than anyone I know. She’s like Jerry Rice out on the field and grabs the bouquet like Wilt Chamberlain or Dennis Rodman. It’s astonishing. She’s got great friends too, much like myself. 10+ deep! And most are married….. So I get the “When are you going to propose?” question a lot. And recently every time I reach for my phone or take a knee, everyone freaks out!

We have not really talked much about getting married, we both are busy with work and our hobbies. We mostly talk about a house. I told her previously I’d like to buy a house before we got married. So that is what she is thinking. And yes she looks at house plans and tells me daily that there is a house she likes for sale!

I am very conservative with my money and like to invest and save but recently hit a personal milestone with my savings and decided that maybe I should just propose….. I’ve never been too serious about it, but something changed… I actually was ready…. We were ready.

After my sister and I investigated, and countless questions about it with my co-worker, cousin, and a few friends about diamonds – the 4 C’s, cuts, carats and the amount of money these bad boys cost, dear lord. Anyways, I asked one of my close friends where he bought his ring from. He told me a jeweler (Fey & Co.) and so I made contact with the jeweler and sent him the type of ring I was looking for and we set up a date to meet. The day before Thanksgiving I left work early to drive up to Chicago to meet and look at a ring. I was exposed to the world of diamonds that day and was given a wealth of diamond knowledge that I will instantly forget in a month. But the jeweler was great and helped me find the perfect ring for Jessica. 2 Hours later I had bought it and called my sister to tell her.

Never in my life have a felt the way I felt about Jessica until I purchased the perfect ring for her. I was so excited to propose. I just was filled with excitement for her. She truly was ready long before me, and she has no idea I am planning on doing this.

Next was how I was going to tell my parents. And Jess’s parents too! Well to no one’s surprise, she was invited to a bachelorette party on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Perfect. I set up reservations at a restaurant that I would actually eat at and invited my parents, Jess’s parents, and my sister and her boyfriend. I was honestly excited to tell them, I couldn’t wait, a little nervous, but confident in their approval. So… at the end of dinner, to my parents shock I paid for the bill! Then I turned to them and said I had a little announcement. I said a few things to lead them on, then I asked for Jess’s parents blessing to ask Jessica to be my wife. They were shocked and excited and truly made it a special night. I’ll never forget the look on their faces. My sister and I lucked out with our parents, I couldn’t have asked for better people to raise me. Jess’s parents have become like a second family to me, great people and grateful for the opportunity to ask them for their blessing.

So this is the day after that, I have 3 weeks to figure out a way to propose. I can’t wait! My family can’t wait, and now we all have to act normal. My mom will probably be staring and smiling at Jess knowing she has no Idea.

To Be Continued……

…..Finally today is the day, December 23rd, 2015. Festivus! Proposal Day! Bad thing is, it’s a record high in December and it’s raining! The forecast did not look promising either, even at our set proposal time. I had been checking the weather 10x a day for 10 days and today just was a mess. My parents purchased a house on the river years ago, so I decided I’d like to propose out there. We put a lighted path leading into the back yard and then the lights circled around into a nice area to get on a knee and propose while the family stay hidden on the side steps just until the very last moment. We usually take family Christmas pictures on Christmas Eve at my Grandparents, but my sister couldn’t make it this year. So the plan was to eat, hang out, and take pictures the night before because she had to work. Jessica bought into it. Little did she know that her Mom, Dad and Brother were coming over as well. One of the reasons I did it this day was so I could include her family and brother who lives in Colorado. Both Jessica and I would not have had it either other way.

Nervous and anxious all day, weeks of preparation, planning and coordinating. Plus we had to keep it a secret! Finally, the rain stopped about an hour before the proposal time, I think someone from above was looking out for me!

Jess was ready to go, however, I suggested she change into a more Christmas-y attire, she did, and she looked gorgeous. Our drive to the house on the river was a long one, I was so nervous! I can only imagine what she was thinking. I felt like I could hear my heart beating a mile a minute. I texted my sister to let her know we were 15 minutes away, now I’m even more nervous…. I reminded her that this was our 7th Christmas together. She thinking this is just another Christmas. I said “I think this will be the best one yet.” Finally… We arrive… I said “look, my dad decorated the house with the extra lights he had.” It was night time, calm and our parents were tucked away on the side of the house so when we walked back she wouldn’t notice. As we got out of the car, I grabbed the ring in my left hand. She was about to go in the front door, but I took her hand and told her to walk this way. As we were heading towards the spot (I am so nervous at this point) which felt like it took twice as long. She turned to her right and noticed our family. Camera’s out and everyone just smiling! I can only imagine what she was thinking and wish I could have seen the expression on her face. As she was in shock from seeing her family there. She turned to me and I think she actually realized what was happening…

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I took her hand.

Got on a knee, and said.

Jessica, will you marry me?

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She said YES!

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