Jessica and Brian


How We Met: I went to church with my best friend and saw Brian as soon as I walked in. I immediately knew I had to meet him, and apparently he felt the same way because he came over to introduce himself almost immediately. We stood and talked for an hour before exchanging information and leaving. Two days later he called me for our first date, and we’ve been dating ever since!

how they asked:Brian and I went to a Bees game, which is the minor league team for the Anaheim Angels.

Brian packed drinks, snacks, and a blanket and we picked up dinner and we planned a picnic dinner outside the stadium. We were sitting on the southwest side of the stadium when a foul balled flew behind the stadium and landed in front of us. Brian then proceeded to ask me if I had ever caught a foul ball and told me how he never had but wanted one, and maybe we sat in the right spot. I told him “I doubt it, it’s kind of like the saying ‘lightning never strikes the same place twice.’” Little did I know…
So after I’ve sufficiently stuffed my face, we go inside to watch some of the game. After the 5th inning, we went back outside because Brian’s appetite had suddenly reappeared. We sat down on our blanket where we had left our blanket.
While sitting there talking, all of the sudden another foul ball drops about 15 feet in front of us. Brian jumps up and runs over to pick it up. Our conversation went like this:
Me: “Wow, I guess lightning does strike the same place twice. You got your foul ball.”
B: “Yeah, but I don’t think its for me, it has your name on it.”
Then he got close enough that I could see the ball. Apparently my expression was entirely blank as my mind started screaming “OH MY GOSH, IT REALLY DOES HAVE MY NAME ON IT.” He got down on one knee, pulled the ball apart (he had cut it in half, had a friend hand stitch my name into the ball, and fashioned it into a ring box), and there was my ring. Then as you can imagine:
Me: “OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH <tears, laughter, more OMG’s>
So he asked me to marry him, and it was sealed with a kiss… or 50.