Jessica and Brian

How We Met

Picture this: It’s late June 2014, a group of girlfriends are at a bar, listening to live music, and enjoying some beers… cell phones begin dying, numbers get passed along…in walks Brian (drunk and sunburnt). The conversation turns to books and a mutual love for all things Dan Brown is shared, “Wait, you read!?”. The party moves back to The Chateau le Camelot (aka our friends, Maggie/Katie’s apartment). Partners are made and an intense game of Head’s Up unfolds, power team=Jess and Brian. Jess calls her mom and gets a safe ride home to run from potential feelings developing.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our home in Westerville, OH

2 days later: Remember, numbers had previously been exchanged due to dead cell phone issues. Jess texts Brian, “Hey, wait what was that book you suggested the other night?” 1st date is planned for Melt and the rest, as they say, is history.

How They Asked

Before we get to the actual proposal I feel some background information needs to be shared…
Back in February, we browsed at a jewelry store (so Brian could know what I liked whenever the time came…I was hoping sooner rather than later LOL.) As the year continued to pass, “deadlines” kept passing as well, i.e. vacation, birthdays, end of teacher summer, end of real summer, etc. I couldn’t help but think there is NO way he is going to surprise me at this point in the game. I was expecting (hoping) for a proposal every single day in the simplest of moments.

I also kept harassing my dad to find out if Brian had asked for his permission yet. Little did I know, my dad lied to my face and Brian took the brunt of my anger on that one.

Friday, October 18: I stayed out fairly late with my coworkers having some drinks meanwhile Brian begins worrying I’ll be too tired or sick the next morning for him to carry out his plans. I rolled home at midnight though and was alive for the surprise waiting for me when I woke up Saturday morning…

Saturday, October 19:
Jess POV: Brian comes walking in the bedroom carrying a box and coffee. It’s super early. Why is he waking me up? I’ll eat later… What I say, “Why do you get all this stuff?” He tells me to open the box and not going to lie I did look at the pastries first but quickly looked up to see he wrote on the box. I truly did not even need to read it to know what it said. At the moment I realized I better sit up and stop laying in bed. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “Yes!” and jumped out of bed. We drank apple cider mimosas and ate our pastries and called each other “fiance(e)” a lot.

I had to run out to a hair appointment and came home to yet another surprise. He had invited our families over to celebrate. It was wonderful to have my parents and siblings as well as his family from out of town all around to celebrate with us!