Jessica and Brian

How We Met

It was truly love at first sight, as cheesy as that sounds. We were both teenagers in neighboring high schools, and Jessica was visiting my school on an exchange for the day. She spotted me across the quad and casually told her friend that she thought the guy in the red shirt was cute (spoiler alert, it was me!) She didn’t really expect anything to come from that comment to her I was just a faraway stranger.

Turns out the friend she made that comment to also knew me, and later that night, she introduced Jessica to me and said, “This is my friend and she thinks you’re cute!” Jessica was instantly embarrassed, but little did she know I felt the same way the moment I met her. From that day on we instantly hit it off. Fast forward 11 years later, and she is still my best friend and confidant through all of life’s ups and downs. There is no one else I would have rather grown up with and who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

How They Asked

Jessica is extremely detail oriented and a huge planner herself, so I knew it would be a challenge to surprise her. We had a vacation to Spain coming up, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pop the question. I started concocting my proposal plan 3 months prior to our trip. I told myself that I wanted to keep it a surprise so the key was not to tell too many people, but I was so excited I ended up sharing my plans with all of our friends and family before we left for the trip! Thankfully, they were all great secret keepers. I enlisted the help of Natalia, our amazing photographer, who helped me plan out logistics for the surprise proposal and captured beautiful photos for us.

Jessica's Proposal in Barcelona

Where to Propose in Barcelona

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Barcelona

Jessica and Brian's Engagement in Barcelona

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Barcelona

I decided that a sunrise proposal at the Bunkers del Carmel would be an unforgettable experience. We woke up super early for a small trek uphill to the viewpoint, and as the sun was rising over sleepy Barcelona, I got down on one knee. I had prepared a long love note to recite to her, but I was so nervous that I jumbled it all up, but she loved it anyway. The day could not have been more perfect and we were able to celebrate our engagement during the rest of our vacation through Spain.

Special Thanks

Natalia Wisniewska
 | Photographer