Jessica and Brandon

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how they asked

On August 4th my boyfriend told he was taking me to go stay at a hotel near the cedar point amusement park in Sandusky Ohio. We drove to Ohio after I got out of work on that Saturday and we’re supposed to spend all Sunday at the amusement park.

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But when we got to the hotel it was nowhere near cedar point and he just said that he wanted to stay at this other hotel instead. I was a little confused but I didn’t know how far from cedar point we were, but we were in Ohio so I didn’t think anything of it.

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We woke up and he took me to breakfast and then we started to talk about how we both didn’t really feel that great from our shenanigans the night before. We hopped in my truck and got on the road and then we ended up at the Toledo Zoo. I was so excited because I immediately felt better knowing we weren’t going to be thrill seekers with a hangover from the night before. So Brandon said we could just go here since we wanted to relax and walk around, plus there was an art fair going on.

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A little back story about me I am obsessed with giraffes. I think they are such amazing animals and every time I go to the zoo I get a stuffed giraffe. So we walked around the park all day and Brandon asked me if I wanted to hand feed the giraffes. I was so excited because I had never done that before. So I said of course and we walked over to the feeding deck. We got our bundles of lettuce and started feeding these giraffes. I was so overwhelmed with excitement and after we got done walking to the end of the feeding deck, Brandon was behind me on one knee and asked if I would marry him.

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I was so overwhelmed by the giraffes and then him asking me to spend our life together was just over the top! Of course, I said yes (I actually said Duh!) and we headed to one of the souvenir shops to pick out my annual stuffed giraffe. We finished the day spending it with our family and we went to the black rock steakhouse for dinner in Hartland Michigan. It was the absolute perfect day. We have known each other for nineteen years and are so excited for this next chapter!

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