Jessica and Brandon

how we met

Brandon and I met in high school, through mutual friends. His best friend Chase and I had a few classes together so I would always hear about their crazy stories. Our first conversation was actually on twitter and to this day we still argue about who slid into who’s DM’s We got together right before the end of his senior year which made for a carless and crazy fun on-again-off-again teenage summer.

how they asked

It started with me just wanting to have updated professional pictures of us for our new home. Karissa, our amazing photographer, and Brandon’s older sister suggested we go to the dunes in Armogosa valley, we agreed it would be cool and different! She had a clear vision of what she wanted for the styled shoot, which was more formal and out of Brandon’s comfort zone, but we went along with it. I was clueless about this being anything more than just a photoshoot for her portfolio. Little did I know, Brandon and Karissa had been planning for the proposal the whole time. That day we had to wake up at 2 AM to catch the sunrise and not sweat to death. Once we arrived, we both changed into our formal clothes and headed out to find a spot. The sun was just rising behind us, we were following directions from Karissa & her second photographer Sandra for the first 30ish minutes. Everyone was acting completely normal not one of them dropped the slights hint of what was about to happen. After doing a couple of solo shots of Brandon, Sandra asked me to join him and stand face to face, both photographers took a few shots standing behind me. Karissa then said she was going to grab something out of her bag and Sandra said she was going to fix my hair and dress but that we could stay facing each other. Karissa then walked back and said that she was going to fix my dress ( so that she could slip Brandon the ring without me seeing ) looking back now I did think it was odd that Karissa said she was going to fix my dress right after Sandra had just fixed it but I just brushed it off at the time. They started snapping pictures again this time with Brandon holding the ring behind my back and me being completely oblivious. At this point, I could feel Brandon’s hands shaking and I was so confused because it was already 75 degrees outside and he was in a full-on tux so there was no way he could be cold but I again I just brushed it off then next thing I know he’s down on one knee! When he said, “will you marry me?” a crazy wave of emotions came over me that lead to instant tears. It was so unexpected and by far one of the best moments of my life. There was nothing but smiles for the rest of the photoshoot.

Special Thanks

Karissa Russ & Co.
 | Photography
 | Dress Store
Armagosa Valley Sand Dunes
 | Location
Acacia Arrangment's
 | Floral Designer