Jessica and Brandon

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How We Met

Seven years ago I asked Brandon if he wanted to go bowling, although we have different versions of what happened to get us there, we ended up having a bowling date that turned into a triple date night. After bowling, we went to play pool and then watched a movie. We were inseparable. From that day forward we were always together. Not even two months into our relationship we flew across the country together. Make it or break it we figured. That trip is when we first said I love you.

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Brandon stepped into his first serious relationship with someone and with that came my six-year-old son. Watching Brandon with Jayden just made me fall even more in love with him. Things were not always smooth, but they were always right. Everything with us just fit. We have grown up together. We had found our missing puzzle pieces. We have known we wanted to marry each other from the very beginning, it was never a matter of if, but always a matter of when. In January 2020 Brandon asked Jayden for his hand in marriage.

How They Asked

Brandon and I had been together six years when we got engaged. Everytime we go camping or on a road trip, we find a heart-shaped rock and bring it home. We have always said that we will use them at our wedding someday. Last January we stayed at an Air BnB in Seward, Alaska for a much-needed long weekend. We went out for a walk down by the ocean in search of our heart rock. It took a bit of searching in the very cold weather, but Brandon found the perfect one.

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As we were walking back to the house Brandon called out my name. when I turned around, he was down on one knee, he had the ring on top of the heart rock and said (with the most adorably, nervous smile), “Babe, I got you this.” Then quickly followed it up with “Will you marry me?” I pulled him to his feet and started kissing him and said yes, yes yes!

It was so perfectly us. We are now using that rock in our ceremony.

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Special Thanks

Amanda Kolstedt
 | Photographer