Jessica and Braden

how we met

Funny Story- Braden and I met while at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville TX. I had already graduated and was working for the Admissions Department at the time, and he was a student worker for the admissions department while still attending school. In my job, I was the supervisor for all the student workers….so I was his boss…hahaha While I worked there Braden and I were just friends, nothing romantic at all, then after a year I got a better job offer in Denver Colorado. Before I left for Colorado Braden and I got closer but still remained just friends. Braden says that it took me leaving to realize he had feelings for me. So I lived in Colorado for 2 years and we started officially dating the second year I was in Denver. Braden would fly once a month to see me and we made the distance work for a year. In June 2018, I decided to move back to Texas to be closer to him.

how they asked

So I am a wedding coordinator for a living and I had a hunch of when the proposal was going to happen. But boy did Braden get me all kinds of confused, haha! He had asked me if I wanted to go visit his family friends with him in Marble Falls. He told me how his family friend is a chemist for a vineyard in Marble Falls. I love wine, so he said we would enjoy the weekend at the vineyard. I immediately called all of my girlfriends and said this is it, its happening, he is going to propose to me the weekend we go to Marble Falls at the vineyard. I was SO excited. Well the weekend of February 9, 2019 comes around and we head to Marble Falls that Friday. The first night we are there we spend with his family friends and enjoy good food and a great time. Braden told me the next day we would be going to the Vineyard. I had my clothes all picked out my surprised face practiced, I was ready! Then the next morning we work up Braden told me that we would have to go to the Vineyard the next time we came because they had a surprise corporate group come in and we could no longer go. He tells me this while we are eating breakfast and the mood immediately shifts.

I was SO MAD! Not at him per say but just that I had gotten my hopes up and at that point I realized he was not proposing to me. I left the table to get ready and took and extra hour while angrily putting on make up just to get back at him hahaha I had no idea what we would do that day, but I dressed casually instead of my fancy outfit I had picked out. We left the house and went to a brewery for lunch, I was silent most of the time, still mad. hahaha Then he said he wanted to show me the sights of the town. So we went and saw all the beautiful things to see in Marble Falls (besides the vineyard). The last place we went was a Historic Church in Marble Falls that sits on a cliff very high up and over looks Lake Marble Falls. I thought it was odd that we were going to a church but he said its a big tourist attraction because of the views. We got out and sure enough there were some tourists there taking photos of the statues outside the church. Braden walked me around to the side of the church that overlooks the Lake, the view was breathtaking!

Braden asked me if I wanted to take a picture of me leaning over the railing facing the lake (so the picture would be of my back looking out over the lake), I said of course and got into formation and posed facing away from him, a few seconds passed and then he said he was done. I turned around and he was down on one knee with a beautiful ring blinding me in his hands. I was SO SHOCKED. I immediately started to cry. To be honest I was so excited I don’t even remember what he said, its a blurr! He said I took a bit to answer which made him nervous but that was from shock! I said YES of course and we started to hug one another. While hugging I realized that those “tourists” we saw at the church were taking photos of us, I pointed it out to Braden and he called them over. The “Tourists” were his aunt and uncle that I hadn’t yet met, they got photos of the whole proposal, it was perfect and so sweet!We left the church and I wanted to call my parents immediately and Braden said lets wait a bit, lets just sock it in together first. We went to eat lunch at a restaurant on the River. We get walked to our table in the back room of the restaurant, Braden had my entire family, along with his own there to celebrate us as a surprise! He put a lot of thought into everything and really knew how to confuse me so that it was a surprise.

It was truly perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Special Thanks