Jessica and Blake

Proposal Ideas Disney world

How We Met

We met on the side of the road. Yes. Literally. I was having car trouble and he pulled off to help me. We wound up talking until the towing company arrived and exchanged numbers.

how they asked

We have been together almost 9 years. We have prevailed through nursing school and several family tragedies. After all the dust settled we decided to go to Disney world for a week to celebrate. We decided we wanted the VIP firework experience and rented a boat to view the show from the water! I was so clueless. The fireworks started and the music began. He reached into his backpack and handed me a book. He wrote me a fairy tale about our journey! Halfway through I was crying like a baby and on the last page, He asked me to marry him.

Jessica's Proposal in Disney world

He got down on one knee. It was nothing short of magical.