Jessica and Billy

Proposal Ideas Rocky Steps: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How We Met

I was transferring to the State University of New York at Oswego in the Fall of 2013. A friend of mine had mentioned he knew a guy named Billy that went there. He had told Billy that I would be going to college there in the fall, thinking maybe we would run into each other. I brushed it off, “I will never meet this Billy guy.” When it came time for room assignments I had gone through about 10 roommates, due to the dorm being “the worst on campus.” I was super bummed with this being my first impression of going away to college.

Finally, I was roomed with a girl named Cara. She told me there was a room available for us in a townhouse on campus and I was ecstatic, though we had to live with 4 boys. We go to meet them and who am I introduced to? Billy! I laughed thinking, “Wow! I truly never thought I would meet this kid.” The 6 of us became inseparable. Billy ultimately left school and it wasn’t until we were home for summer break that I confessed I liked him. And well… The rest is history!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rocky Steps: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How They Asked

Billy and I love Philadelphia. He started a new job and had his first weekend off, so I thought there was no perfect way to celebrate than a trip to Philly. With it being a few hours away from home it was the perfect little getaway. My cousins, Joe and Kristin, happened to be going the same weekend, so we had our schedule packed with things to do. On Saturday Kristin asked if we wanted to meet them at the Rocky Steps, to take some sunset pictures. They were bringing their 1-year-old son and I was so about taking this family photoshoot for her.

Billy and I arrived at the steps and he asks me to video him running up like, “Rocky Balboa.” Rolling my eyes, I started taping as sprinted ahead of me. I then moseyed up the stairs. As I approach the last step, Billy was there waiting for me, and I see him reach into his jacket and get on one knee….I said YES!

When I turned around I saw my cousins, his brother and a surprise, coordinated by my now fiancé…my long-distance best friend from college! They were all there to celebrate with us. It could not have been a more perfect day.

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