Jessica and Berkeley

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How We Met

Berkeley “Ross” Graves was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC. Jessica Aleda Patchett was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. In 2012, Jessica decided she was tired of the snow and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. This was around the same time Ross was finishing his MBA from Coastal Carolina University. While they both were working hard during the day they both enjoyed relaxing at The Hot Fish Club at night. For over a year they probably crossed paths numerous times without even realizing it. Until one night Jessica finally noticed this “Ryan Gosling look alike”. Ross either being very honored or thinking she was crazy, was instantly interested in this short “Fun Sized Yankee”.

At the end of 2014, after only dating for a few months, Ross was offered a wonderful opportunity in Charlotte, NC. So, they both decided to take a chance at love and move to a new city together. They have had their ups and downs in Charlotte, but always had one another to lift them up while the other was down, and push each other to achieve new goals.

They have two wonderful fur babies, Monroe & Kennedy. They enjoy going to every concert possible (even if Ross hates boy bands), and going to every sporting event they can. Most of the time they cheer on one an others team (unless Syracuse is playing North Carolina in basketball, or the Buffalo Bills are playing the Carolina Panthers in football).

how they asked

After over four years together, Ross planned this wonderful birthday surprise for Jess. They flew to Miami for a long weekend to attend Jessica’s favorite college football team. The weekend was perfect! They went to the beach, had a great time at this private tailgate experience, and watched her favorite team win! During this trip, Jess really thought this was finally the time Ross was going to propose. What was he waiting for, it’s been over four years?! Then, NOTHING! So, she just (slightly) shrugged it off and they went on with their daily lives together. Until, that following Thursday, Jess came home from work and was bombarded with their two dogs (like normal when she walks in the door). Once she got the dogs to calm down she noticed they had something tied to their collars. One dog had a ring tied to her collar while the other had a note saying “Will you marry Dad?”. After the excitement and shock was over she asked Ross why he did it on a Thursday? He told her, “because I can never surprise you, and our Miami trip was too predictable. Plus the dogs weren’t there to help me!”

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