Jessica and Avery

how we met

We both went to Crossville High School. He graduated in 2013 and I graduated in 2014. So technically we have known each other our whole lives. I always had a crush on him, but never actually let it be known . He on the other hand would always come sit on my desk and aggravate/flirt with me, but nothing ever actually came of it. In 2013 (his senior prom, my junior prom) we were awarded “Best Dressed” together and I guess you could say that’s where things started! A few months passed and we ended up going to a rodeo with a mutual friend and haven’t stopped seeing each other since!

how they asked

So a little back story… We had been working on remodeling our house day in and day out for weeks and were both stressed to the max! So at the beginning of the week Avery said “I promise Saturday we will go out to eat and celebrate since next week is our 5 year anniversary.” Friday night rolled around and Avery was super late coming in from work, but I didn’t think much about it! Little did I know he was at a local field writting out “Marry Me?” with paint that they use to paint baseball fields with!! Saturday morning I woke up and could not wait to get off work and go on our date. Of course I wore my new outfit and got all dolled up, only for me to get to his house and him say “I think we’re just gonna got out with my parents tonight.” WHAT!? I’ve waited all week for this day and now we aren’t going!? I was mad, obviously. Little did I know we couldn’t go on our “date” because it was raining! Fast forward to Sunday morning, Avery texted me and told me to get ready and come to his house. So of course I did just that (still pretty upset I didn’t get me date night). Once I got there we got in the truck and headed to go get something to eat. At this point Avery would not dare tell me where we were going to eat at. I thought he was just trying to do something special to make up for the night before!As we headed down the road Avery handed me a blanket and made me cover my eyes with it. We drive for what felt like an hour. We finally reached our destination and the anticipation was killing me, but he still wouldn’t let me see where we were. Avery guided me into a building then took the blanket off my head and I was in a little local airport. We then shook hands with the pilot and rushed to get on the cutest little private airplane! I thought to myself “this is it!!” Once we got in Avery handed me a tiny little black box (what I thought was a ring) and said “Happy 5 Year Anniversary.” It was a pair of diamond earrings. It completely caught me off guard because I knew there was no way he was going to give me earrings and a ring. We flew over the lake for awhile and Avery suggested I tell my parents I’m in a plane! So I was texting all my family and friends showing them what a sweet date I was on. Then the pilot said, “I’m not really familiar with this area, what are we flying over?” So I looked out the window and then I saw it. In HUGE letters written in a field below, Marry Me? I turned and looked and seen my sweet boyfriend holding the most perfect ring I could have ever dreamed of!! And to top it all off, the question mark in the field was made of all our friends and family down there waving at us!! It was the most magical day I could have ever asked for!!

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography
Orange Beach, AL
 | Location
Kendra Scott
 | Jewelry