Jessica and Austin

Image 1 of Jessica and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I went to rival high schools. I had many friends that were at his high school. So I was invited to a young life for his school. Now I know this sounds cliche, but we were sitting on opposite sides of the room and our eyes met and I swear it was like songs went off in my head. It was like I was being told that I needed to go talk to him.

Austin and I became best friends in minutes! He and I started dating in high school. We ended up doing long distance in college. Everyone says that the heart grows founder with distance, for us that was so true! We couldn’t wait to get a place together when we were back in the same state.

Image 2 of Jessica and Austin

(This photo above is from our first date to the zoo.) Funny thing that we found out from our parents is that Austin and I actually went to Montessori school together! We know that we were just meant to be together one day! :)

how they asked

Austin told me that he was wanting to go to reunion town for drinks! Knowing him I thought nothing of it since I knew he wouldn’t have gotten me a ring with out me seeing it. I kept telling him that I wanted to help him pick it out. So I thought, just drinks! We went to renuion and we had never been out on the observation deck. We walked around a couple times and took a couple pictures of just us. After a while of standing there I started thinking something was going to happen but then I kept telling myself there was no way because I didn’t think he had a ring.

Suddenly, everyone was being cleared off the deck. So I started getting worried and told Austin that we had to get off the deck to. He then told me to not worry about it and to try to count the planes that we in the sky. He is really good at distracting me. I looked out and said okay there are 6 and came we please go in and get drinks now. When I turned around Austin was on one knee!! :)

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I swear I blacked out. But I remember all the people that we on the deck came to the window and started saying awwww!! After Austin proposed he opened the box to the perfect ring!

Image 4 of Jessica and Austin

He then told me that it was just my wedding band and that he is going to take me to get the perfect engagement ring! After we embraced he whispered in my ear again and told me to look who was there. The only person I could think that may have flown out to Dallas was my mom. When I turned around my best friend and his sister were standing behind us, taking pictures and crying. It was the best moment of my life!

Image 5 of Jessica and Austin

That weekend all of our family and friends were in town for an engagement party. It couldn’t have been any better!

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