Jessica and Austin

how we met

We met in the classiest of establishments, a bar in Orlando. At the time I was learning how to line dance and we kept bumping into each other standing under one of the few air vents in the always hot bar. By the end of the night we couldn’t stop making eye contact and he eventually asked for my number. A week later he took me out to dinner and the rest is history.

how they asked

He proposed to me on the beach in Haiti and I had no idea it was happening. He had bought the ring a few months prior and had it hidden in our house with plans to propose on our upcoming cruise. The entire cruise his best friend had been asking when, where, and how he was going to pop the question and he wasn’t sure until the moment the beach cleared off and we were almost alone. He told me to pose for a picture and got down on one knee while I wasn’t looking.
I had told him my dream ring was a pear shaped diamond in a gold setting so he knew where to start. He went to International Diamond Center with his best friend and they picked out a stunning 1.5 carat pear diamond in a double halo setting. I still catch myself staring at it in disbelief because it’s even better than I could’ve imagined.

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