Jessica and Austin

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How We Met

I was on a bachelorette party in Savannah, Georgia with a group of my friends one weekend in March 2018. The girls had all decided on an outfit to wear for dinner and to go out afterward, including high heels…and I’m not too fond of heels, so I brought my flip flops as well…thinking MAYBE someone would help me out and stick the sandals in one of the bags they were bringing. After dinner at Garibaldi’s, the girls were going to go out, I walked out the front door of the restaurant with sandals in hand and I put them up in the air, laughing with the rest of the group and saying, “Now what am I supposed to do with these?!” Just at that moment, Austin and a group of his friends/coworkers were walking by the restaurant. His coworker, Dan, picked me up, threw me over his shoulders, and said “I can carry you.” Austin and I locked eyes and were instantly interested in each other. The two groups continued to hang out that night, and Austin and I started talking and became inseparable from that point on. Attached at the hip. And to some, that was the night we got married (Austin asked me that night after talking and having so much in common: “Should I just ask you to marry me now?”) Some of the girls told me that night, “You know you just met your husband, right?”. (CRAZY!) We started dating right away, eventually fell in love, and here we are! (These photos are from the first night we met and the day after)

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The Night We Met: Austin had put the ring I was wearing on my right hand on my left hand to look like a wedding ring & I tied my hair tie around his finger to look like a wedding band:

The Day After We Met: We met up again after I did activities with the bachelorette party and went bar hopping all together (Still wearing our “wedding bands”):

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How They Asked

The second weekend of November, we went down to my parent’s beautiful vacation home Florida Keys (Islamorada to be more specific) with my parents, sister, and longtime family friends. We drove from Savannah, Georgia, where we were living at the time, to my parent’s house in Palm Beach, Florida, then drove down with my parents to Islamorada, Florida. We spent the weekend relaxing, cooking/grilling out, going out on the boat, fishing, and on Saturday, November 9, 2019 (Game Day, of course!) we prepared and watched the LSU/Alabama football game. My sister is a graduate of The University of Alabama and my dad is a huge fan. Austin, being from Louisiana, is a huge LSU fan…sooooo, HOUSE DIVIDED!! The LSU Tigers beat The Alabama Crimson Tide in a close and great game: 46-41! Next thing you know, Austin is “missing.” I asked my mom where he was and to help find him; she came back upstairs and said, “I don’t know what happened or what you did, but he is PISSED, LIVID! He won’t even talk to me, I’ve never seen him like this! You need to go try to talk to him…He’s out on the point.” (“The point” is a little island-like rock area by the boat basin of the community my parent’s house is in; it has chairs to sit in and enjoy the view, along with picnic tables, etc.). It’s after 8:00 PM at this point and dark outside, but I went out to try and figure out what was wrong. I was confused because I figured he should be the happiest ever at this point because LSU had just beaten Alabama—WHAT COULD HE BE SO UPSET ABOUT?! As I neared “The Point,” I saw a very dim light and could make out his figure, so I continued walking toward him. I approached him; he was sitting in a chair with another chair pulled up to the side of his. The “dim light” was a lit candle on the table. There were two glasses of champagne glasses set up as well. Just as I started to ask, “Babe, what’s wrong,” Austin got down on one knee, presented me with a ring, and stated, “I always knew it was you. Will you marry me?” I started bawling immediately and, of course, said “YES!” My mom had followed behind me, so sneakily, and made the best attempt at capturing the moment with pictures despite how dark it was out. We walked back to the house where my family and family friends were waiting there to congratulate us and celebrate with us. On the walk back to the house, Austin asked me if I liked my engagement ring he had chosen, in which I responded, “I haven’t even seen it yet!” (I didn’t even care what it looked like, just as long as I had him!, HOWEVER, I LOVED it the second I was able to see it in the light). We all danced, took pictures, called, and FaceTimed our friends and family who weren’t there with us in The Keys to share the news.

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Special Thanks

Laurie & Ed Clement (My Parents)
 | Planning
Ziva Jewels
 | Ring Designer