Jessica and Anthony

Jessica's Proposal in Celebration, FL

How We Met

I was dragged along to Florida Supercon in July 2017 in Fort Lauderdale by an acquaintance. I really did not want to go to this con as I didn’t know anyone and it was a three-hour drive for me, but I ended up going to this con anyways for fun. I brought my Gwenpool costume from Marvel Comics and my acquaintance was wearing his Spider-Man costume, as he was going to be participating in a Spider-Verse Flash Mob video shoot that some friends of his were doing for YouTube. Even though my costume was Marvel Comics, it wasn’t Spider-Verse, so I decided I’d go to the shoot just to laugh and take some photos of the shenanigans.

Jessica and Anthony's Engagement in Celebration, FL

Well, I got looped into the flash mob. In the comics, Gwenpool can enter different dimensions and universes, so everyone thought it would only be appropriate for Gwenpool to crash the Spider-Verse flash mob. After all the antics, we all were chatting with one another before going our separate ways, and that’s when I met Anthony. His voice was a bit muffled beneath the Symbiote Spider-Man mask, but before he left he made sure to take his mask off – he later would tell me he did this to make sure I knew he didn’t look like Deadpool under there – and I remember thinking to myself, “He’s really cute. I’m never going to see him again.”

When the video was uploaded to YouTube after the convention, MELF (the producers) uploaded a screengrab from it and posted on social media that it was live. They tagged all the active participants, so when I saw that the cute Anthony I thought I’d never see again was following me on Instagram, I instantly followed him back. I was delighted to see that he was single but noticed he didn’t post much. I wasn’t sure if a message would be seen, but he made the first move by commenting on a photo of me in a Star Wars/501st Legion costume with his own desire to join the 501st Legion. I took this opportunity to send him a private message, and then before I knew it we had our first date scheduled for Megacon Tampa Bay that September. We dressed up as Jon and Daenerys from Game of Thrones, we immediately hit it off in person just as well as we did online, and the rest is history! Here is the video of the flash mob we were both in.

How They Asked

Anthony was getting ready to move up to Orlando with me from the Fort Lauderdale area. Right after Thanksgiving, a nearby town called Celebration – famous for originally being owned by Disney – puts up their Christmas decorations and does a tree lighting ceremony. We missed it last year because it’s such a popular occasion – think carolers in Victorian period clothing, horse-drawn carriage rides, and they make it “snow” with what we call snoap (since it’s made of soap) – so Anthony booked us a dinner reservation right in the heart of the action to make sure we wouldn’t miss the festivities.

We got there early and decided to take a walk around the large lake by the main street as the sun was just starting to set. The lake is normally a very popular spot to walk, but at this moment, it was just us, the birds, and a young alligator swimming by – very much a Snow White in Florida kind of moment – and Anthony made a comment about it being a perfect night. When I agreed, he said to me, “You know what would make it even more perfect?”

I turned to look at him at that, and next thing I know, he’s on one knee asking me to marry him, to which I responded, “Absolutely!”

I later found out that he originally planned to ask on a horse-drawn carriage ride, but the moment felt so right then and there that he didn’t want to worry about any other moving parts and just wanted it to be us. I’m so glad he did then and there!