Jessica and Andrew's Snowy Central Park Proposal

Image 1 of Jessica and Andrew

how we met

Let’s just say we knew each other before we really knew each other. Andrew and I have had 3 encounters since before pre-teen years in public places, where we’ve crossed paths. By the time we noticed each other, we realized we lived in the same complex. I would pass his house every day walking to a (mutual) friend’s house, and he’d coincidently be outside getting the mail every time. Every day he waved at me, and I would just keep walking like I didn’t see him. Funny to say I think that’s what had him interested. Few months later of passing his house everyday. Our mutual friend introduced us and we started hanging out on the weekends with other friends. We met up at a concert a few months later, and that was the first night we kissed. We hit it off then and have been inseparable ever sine.

Image 2 of Jessica and Andrew

how they asked

He very discreetly bought a gorgeous ring. He packed it without me knowing in his luggage when we traveled from Miami to New York during one of the coldest days. We stayed in a five-star hotel called the Knicker Bocker and had a driver take us to Central Park.

Image 3 of Jessica and Andrew

It was beautiful day out and snowing, so Central Park was covered in snow. As we walked into the snow to take pictures, he got on knee and asked if I would marry him!

Image 4 of Jessica and Andrew

Image 5 of Jessica and Andrew

Image 6 of Jessica and Andrew

I was in shock, and little did I know he had hired a very professional and amazing photographer to catch our magical moment. I Said YES!! We both cried, and continued to share the experience all over Central Park by taking professional photos. The best day of my life!

Image 7 of Jessica and Andrew

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