Jessica and Andrew


How We Met

It was the end of my Sophmore year at PhilaU and myself and a few of my friends were at a bar, it was late and we were about to leave and head back to our apartment when my friend’s boyfriend (now husband!) goes “Jess! I have a friend who’s single that you NEED to meet”. Everyone was a little drunk, including myself so I didn’t entirely believe him, but we all ended up going to a house party after the bar where my friend’s boyfriend told his friend (Drew) to meet us.

We ended up getting there a little early and I remember being soo nervous and anxious for Drew to show up! When he finally arrived and we were introduced, I was still so nervous because of how cute he was (still is)! We ended up hitting it off and hung out at the party for a while, and when I was ready to leave he finally asked for my number..and the rest is history! We hung out all that summer and became an official couple when we got back to school in August <3

how they asked

Drew planned a day/night in Philadelphia the weekend of June 11th as a “beginning of summer getaway” for just the two of us. It started off at the Longwood Gardens, an indoor/outdoor botanical garden center just outside Philly. Drew had mentioned prior to the trip that he always wanted to take me there because of how beautiful the gardens are, as he had been there before for a class he had in school. He was right, they were beautiful! We spent the afternoon walking around, exploring the gardens, enjoying the weather and scenery… little did I know he was about to pop the question.

During our walk, we found our way to a quiet spot off the regular path in the shade where we decided to rest for a bit on a cute little old bench. We were just sitting and chatting, taking a break from walking when he pulls out a little black book. As he starts reading from it, I already know what’s about to happen. This book, that he made, contains all of our many dates and special moments throughout our relationship, right down to that day, the day we got engaged. After reading through it, and reminiscing over our memories, he then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, a day I’ll never forget!

jess and drew collage