Jessica and Andrew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in McGovern Centennial Gardens

How We Met

We met in 2014 on May the Fourth celebrating early Cinco De Mayo. I was working at a private law firm and in my last year of college at The University of Houston. A couple girlfriends that went to UH with me and worked at the law firm planned to go out to our favorite bar to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We decided to invite another girlfriend out who insisted on bringing her new boyfriend, so she could introduce him to us. Her boyfriend also brought his roommate, Andrew.

After a couple of dances with the girls. I decided to sit down where the boys were keeping guard of our table. I noticed Andrew was wearing white Sperry’s. For some reason I had to point out to him that I had his shoes, but in CHEETAH print. Immediately, he fires back with “Who wears cheetah?” then we start reciting the Selfie Song by The Chainsmokers. Where apparently, I sounded like the voice of the girl in the song that he even had to Shazam my voice. Is this what millennials do? Many many selfies and dates later we have grown our little family.

Jessica's Proposal in McGovern Centennial Gardens

how they asked

As a child, I was heavily involved with theatre, so my mom drove me to the city of Houston for rehearsals, lessons, shows, you name it. My favorite place to perform was Miller Outdoor Theatre which was in the heart of Hermann Park. I spent most of my angsty teen years and college days thinking about life and making decisions in the parking lot across the street from Miller. Eventually, they redeveloped that specific area to now McGovern Centennial Gardens. This place meant a lot to me, and It was a nice change because instead of sitting in my car all those years. I could now walk around in the park, but now to reminisce and enjoy the amazing views with my family.

It was a beautiful toasty evening in July. We had just gotten back from a mini vacation to San Antonio. Andrew had apparently been planning this proposal for almost a month with our family photographer, but a couple of things came up including a mini flood in Houston. Andrew and I had discussed McGovern Centennial Gardens as a possibility for a wedding, so that day he told me when he got off work, we should go and take some pictures of the park and let the kids run around. He even asked me to pick out his clothes, knowingly I would coordinate the colors with our outfits. When we got to the park, we walked around with the kids and pictured how cool it would be to get married there. The kids ran over and took us to the mound with the waterfall, and that would be where Andrew got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Finally! He had a whole speech prepared before proposing, but he was so nervous he just spoke from the heart, and I was in complete shock and excitement I couldn’t remember what he had said. And after I said “YES!” he told me to turn around and say Hi to Melissa (Our family photographer) who captured our special moment. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

Special Thanks

Melissa Brewer
 | Photographer